tappr.tv social community entertainment app for iOS

There are plenty of apps available on iOS, but have you ever considered using the new tapper.tv social community entertainment app? For those that have no idea as to what the app will offer, we can tell you that tapper.tv allows you to make and then publish your very own music visuals named ‘dances,’ by way of visual wands.

The app works on the principle that each wand (and there’s over 100) to choose from, acts when the person’s touches are met with particles and light that are then recorded into separate tunes. Dances as they’re called, will enable you to jiggle along to your favorite tracks or even produce silent dances called ‘loops.’

As fans of the tapper.tv app, benefits of the service allow you to rate the top 30 dances, look at the newest displays and loops, creations of dances via Studio which can then be shared on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, your dances can be viewed and rated of which you can see via the profile and so on.

The app is designed for the iPad and iPhone devices and can be downloaded from iTunes here.

Let us know how you get on with tapper.tv?

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