iPhone Gadgets: Measure sleep with GEAR4 Renew SleepClock

If you are anything like me you love your sleep, personally I never seem to get enough of it, and not getting enough sleep can on occasion affect a person’s performance throughout the day. But we live in a technological world where technology has san answer for virtually everything including a device on measuring your sleep to help you get enough.

According to a report by Ubergizmo, Gear4 are the guys that have your sleep monitoring needs covered with their Gear4 Renew SleepClock, a device that is compatible with the iPhone, iPod and Apple iPad.

Gear4 tout the Renew SleepClock as a “life changing application” that tracks your manages for sleep via your iOS device to educate one on sleep efficiency, so that the user can understand and adjust their sleeping habits accordingly enabling you to chart your sleep date over time to gain a better sleep.

Apparently the maker teamed up with sleep technology experts to deliver the Renew SleepClock for iOS devices, which is said to be the only sleep monitor that doesn’t require such accessories as wires, headbands, wristbands and such.

Basically the Renew SleepClock actually knows when you are asleep and can sense if you are in a light sleep or deep sleep and apparently can even tell if you get up during the night.

So if you are into monitoring your sleeping patterns and own an iPone, iPod or Apple iPad and wish you pick up the Renew SleepClock, the accessory is set to hit the market sometime in March this year and will command a price tag of $199.95.

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