iPhone 4S: Boostcase Hybrid case with 1900mAh battery

In need of a new iPhone 4S case that also delivers an extended battery? Then we might just have the iPhone 4S accessory you are looking for in the Boostcase Hybrid case for the iPhone 4S that pairs a slim lightweight case with a snap on extended battery pack so you have the juice when you need it.

The Boostcase Hybrid Snap-case & Detachable 1900mAh Extended Battery for the iPhone 4S to give it its full moniker, features an half an ounce ultra slim black snap on case for the iPhone 4S along with that detachable extended 1900mAh battery that weighs in at two ounces and doubles your iOS smartphones battery life.

The Boostcase Hybrid snap-on case & detachable extended battery is ‘made for iPhone’ certified, and is a fully functional battery with battery level indicator, simultaneous sync and charge, and power on/off.

Apparently the two segments of the Hybrid case fit together seamlessly, and snap firmly onto the iPhone and features a pear shaped opening in the back to show the Apple logo along with doubling as a keyhole for the detachable battery sliding lock.

The iPhone case above comes in black/black; however apparently there is a variety of colours available including black, white, peach, red-orange, yellow, and gunmetal whilst the extended battery is available in only black or white.

Anyway if you are interested in the black Boostcase Hybrid Snap-case & Detachable 1900mAh Extended Battery for the iPhone 4S, which is also compatible with the iPhone 4, you can purchase the accessory for $79.95 by hitting up Amazon.

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