Miniclip launches Fragger for Android on GetJar

For the Android faithful out there that enjoy gaming Miniclip has now announced the release of their marquee game Fragger to the Android platform joining the previously available Fragger app for iOS, although if you wish to download Fragger to your chosen Android device you wont find it on the Android Market.

The reason Fragger for Android isn’t on the Android Market is because the app is exclusive to the world’s largest free app store, Getjar so you will need to hit up their website to grab the app.

Fragger for Android is a shooting game whereby the gamer kills enemies to unlock perks, and the game features 370 different levels along with 12 different worlds so should keep the gamer entertained for quite some time.

Miniclip CEO Rob Small says they wished to preserve the factors which lead to Fragger’s 100 million plays on miniclip.com so have released the app as a free download and chose Getjar because the site is well known for free apps.

Having said that, I have checked the Getjar website and for some reason can’t gain access to any games apps or other, but perhaps that is because my smartphone is the Samsung Galaxy S i9000, which would appear if that is the case, Getjar doesn’t have anything compatible with.

Anyway if you are interested in grabbing a copy of Fragger for free for your particular Android device you can do so by hitting up Getjar, and hopefully your device will be supported, but if not then feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.

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