Facebook problems on iPhone 4S, down time

Facebook is the largest social networking site out there at the moment, and we can see that it will have teething problems from time to time, but four days on the trot is beyond a joke now.

We have been using the Facebook app on a number of handsets, and the last four days we have mainly been using the Apple iPhone 4S, and to tell you the truth at one point the smartphone nearly became a throwing missile.

Facebook on the iPhone 4S is seriously giving us a headache, we are not sure what the problem is but what we do know is that doing anything on Facebook via the app is very slow, comments not going through straight away, and different friends profile photos showing up on a completely different friend.

Some of my friends walls only show half of what they have posted, we know this because we ask the friend if we can see their wall in their Facebook login and it is different when we are logged in on our iPhone 4S. So is this a problem with the iPhone 4S Facebook app, or is it a Facebook issue?

If you tap on the Facebook app on your iPhone 4S and then login, and then click on the News Feed tab, wow it takes forever in the day to update. At first we thought it may be our Internet connection, but it is now as it works fine on a PC or laptop.

We will not go into too much details the above are the main reasons for concern, please do let us know if you are having Facebook problems on the iPhone 4S? We would also like to know if you are having problems on any other mobile phone.


76 thoughts on “Facebook problems on iPhone 4S, down time”

  1. Missycormack says:

    Yep I’m having problems with facebook.
    I’ve got an iPhone 4. It won’t let me log in at all. It sez I have to check my Internet connection. I hav plenty of data.

  2. Jc says:

    I have a iPhone 4 and iPad 2 and both struggle with Facebook apps. They both frees when trying load comments and flash kick me out with trying to post random pics.also if looking at photos or comments once I comment once I can no longer look or comment again unless I close and reopen the subject

  3. Cathy_pineda2000 says:

    Only the can bring u a good stuff but using this iPhone giving me an headache specially on Facebook I can’t c all the notifications massage even comments of my friend I just waste my money to buy this kind of phone!!!!

  4. Paula Doman says:

    My friends on the friends list have vanished.  All I get is the a-z letters on the right hand side of the screen but no friends?????  Iphone 4S!!!!

  5. Melissa says:

    Oh My!! I usually don’t post a reply but I am having the same issues with my phone!! Kept making excesses, like you, internet, FB, etc… I really dislike my iPhone more these days because of the slow down of apps that I have used in the past on other phones without issues! When is the problem going to be resolved? What is the solution??

  6. Agrill86 says:

    I don’t have the iphone 4s just iphone 4 and I am having all of these issues as well.  I thought if I deleted the app and reloaded it would work and that didn’t happen.  I am missing a lot of news feeds, other friends profile pics showing up on other friends profile pics. 

  7. Bernbabybern73 says:

    iPhone 4S. Facebook keeps shutting down everytime i tap on the app. the blue facebook logo comes on for a few seconds, then its back toy home screen. i tried to delete and download, again. it didn’t work.

  8. Jackiej2806 says:

    It is driving me mad!!! Facebook and Twiter, on numerous occasions refuse to update and on Facebook I just get “sorry, something went wrong”.  Everything is fine on my laptop so what is the problems with the iPhone???

  9. Wildes06241 says:

    The profile pictures on my Iphone are all mixed up.  My picture shows a male friend of mine, my sisters shows another friend.  This started yesterday.  Was there an update?

    1. Wolfy says:

      Same here. My profile picture is some zombie dude o.e well, on my statuses it is. When I go to my page, it’s normal and it shows my picture just how I had it..

  10. Adidasfox75 says:

    The Facebook app on my iPhone 4s sucks. I agree with what they said I wanted to throw it. I had a blackberry and I’m kinda ready to go back to it due to the bs. Does anyone know what’s going on what the pro Len is with this stupid fb app on my iPhone.

  11. DReese says:

    Posting to fanpage with iphone is not working correctly. If I post with a photo it does not stream into my fans newsfeed so no one sees it. Posts without a photo stream just fine, only ones that I upload a photo with. Has anyone experienced this too. Same problem on ipad

  12. Natalie77381 says:

    iPhone 4s. I’m not getting all my friends status updates! When I try to search a page or any page I like it doesn’t show up or search most people it stays blank or no results.
    A woman was murdered and her 3 day old baby was kidnapped in the woodlands tx where I am. She was my student teacher in beauty school. I get all my news in my town and ESP updates on her story. When I type in the news page it doesn’t show up even though I like it.
    News stations get most of the stories wrong so this is a legit news site page.
    This is crap!

  13. Leigh says:

    I have the iPhone 4s and since the 14th of April none of my updates or picture I post show up on the newsfeed. I logged out of the Facebook app and just logged in from my Internet browser just to see if it’s the app or overall problem with Facebook! I was able to post updates successfully but pictures still aren’t posting!!! So aggravating 🙁

  14. Wavecookies says:

    Having the same issues. I have an iphone 4s and after i updated the facebook app ive had these problems. Cant upload pictures, it stalls in the middle if the download bar. Sometimes other friends pictures are other peoples profile pics. Even after refreshing some posts just dont show up, or msg notifications dont dissapear after viewing them. All of them are small glitches to me, the big problem being the photo upload issues 🙁

  15. Snowpuppies10 says:

    Unable to login to Facebook from my iPhone 4s. Everytime I try to login, it acts as if Facebook is logging on, but then reverts back to the login screen. Very annoying. This started happening when I changed my password.

    1. Snowpuppies10 says:

      Okay! I think I solved this problem. LOGIN to Facebook from your iPhone safari or google, DO NOT LOGIN USING THE APP. Once you login and Facebook is signed on, go to your Facebook APP on you phone and login, this should work. Once you’re logged in, go ahead and logout from your Safari or google. It worked for me. Let me know it this works. GOOD LUCK.

  16. Mjm says:

    If you go through safari for facebook it runs so much quicker than going through the app.
    try it people and let me know if it also works for you.

  17. -Random Person- says:

    Now there’s a new bug. The app’s format is now crap and timeline is no longer seen. Lists don’t work too, unless you use a 3G connection. The problems above are when I use wifi only. I have tested it, and it seems that using a wifi connection is the culprit. It works all fine when I use 3G.

  18. Guest says:

    I’ve been having issues with being able to do a facebook ‘check-in’ for weeks now!  So frustrating!  I have Iphone 4s and Facebook app is extremely slow.  

  19. Jack_sparowz says:

    I also have the same problem, when i tried to refresh the font become bigger and it wont show the
    Pic, my timeline Also gone and what it shows only text…. Can somebody help me…

  20. Jacquiegan5 says:

    Having the same problem but with an iphone 4 and only since about 2 weeks ago.  Just takes ages to load, doesnt post the replies – nightmare; thinking of removing it and reinstalling? 

  21. Jonathanles says:

    Takes so long but when I go on fb on safari it runs 2x it’s speed. Sucks like what’s the point in having the app if it shows old comments as new or takes 4min to load a page for upload a photo..

  22. Denisetarneyaz says:

    When I open facebook on my iphone 4s it always shows people I may know, who cares, I dont want to see that when I sign on, Does anyone know how to change this?

  23. Smithyxp says:

    I have problems viewing images for some ePublications through the Facebook app, but they display fine when viewed or linked to from a Facebook page opened in Safari on the iPhone 4S. I’d appreciate any explanation anyone can provide? Does the App block .swf files?

  24. Julia says:

    i have tried both iPhone and Android phones and the FB apps is really how you’ve described.  And I thought that there was something wrong with my phones!!! 

  25. Methylecs says:

    I’ve got a problem with my Iphone4S using FB Apps version4.1.1. I couldn’t make post for my pictures/status/location on my mobile because the audience is buffering over and over. I already check if there is a problem with the location or push notification or something but can’t see anything. I have tried to reinstall the FB apps on my Iphone but still post for my pictures/status/location is still buffering. I even restore to the original setting and got my back up files from Icloud and it’s still buffering. I’ve been suffering this for a week and a half since I change it from my old Iphone 4. I really don’t know where to address my problem since the item is new and FB is working except for the uploading photo’s/location and pictures. or maybe. Is there anyone here have same problem with me? I despirately need answer because almost haft of my activities is relying with my phone outside my house.

  26. Allyb259 says:

    I cannot upload my videos to fb and this was one of the main reasons I bought iPhone 4s, very frustrating. Have been told this should be sorted with a updated Facebook app in next couple of weeks, wish I believed that. Very disappointed

  27. mobilefbmess says:

    I’m having the problem you described above.  On my iPhone app only.  My posts appear with different pictures.  eg Mark Zuckerburg, Other friends images.   When I log on to facebook on the pc, the images look normal.  I’ve reported my account as hacked, several times.  No luck.  Uninstalled and reinstalled facebook on my iPhone with no luck.  This is very strange.  Any help or suggestions are welcome. 

  28. Annierz says:

    Yea!! I thought I was the only one but my comments on other ppl’s wall posts do NOT go through. I thought it was only the iphone not loading the comment(s) but turns out even when I go on my PC the comments NEVER went through -___- I tried deleting and reinstalling the app, but no luck :/ please fix this soon!!!

  29. Michael J Dantonio says:

    Me too! Damn! Yea my friend asked why another pic showed up as her profile pic on my Facebook app for the 4s, I missed that didn’t even notice, mainly the loading of the news feed is my problem. Usually all I get are the two newest postings while the rest of my news feed continues to load. I hope this does not affect those without the unlimited data, god only knows how much juice this is pulling and for how long.

    1. Bayu says:

      i’m also having d same problem..but i try log out from fb and after a while i sign back in..it fix the problem for me..try it..but i’m not sure if it work for u..

  30. Guest says:

    My updates show up anywhere from 3-5 times on my phone, but once I close out and return, the update is no longer there- even if my notifications show that there are comments. If I change my profile picture, it doesn’t sport the change on my phone, but it’s there when I use my computer. It takes forever to update, and in general, is pissing me off!

  31. Aimeejkg says:

    My 4s does the same thing! I can get only the first few “newest” posts but the other ones still are trying to load! …. Annoying:s

  32. Lovedale88 says:

    Why can’t I log into Facebook? I’m so aggravated!!!! Keeps telling me to go on computer and answer questions! HELLO! Don’t have home computer… Everything is on my I phone! This is great… I can’t do anything!!! Will you please fix this ASAP? I can’t believe that I can’t log into FB!!! Please let me know ASAP!!!

  33. Michael J Dantonio says:

    Update!!! All I did to get Facebook (App) working on the 4S was to delete the app first, sync with iTunes, disconnect after the sync completes, and then re-connect to iTunes, manually add the Facebook app, sync again (backup) and it worked! If you do this right you will have to re-enter your e-mail and password at the Facebook app login. Hope this helps.

  34. Johnwilliamgriffiths says:

    My timeline page won’t load on Facebook now for 2 days.Can access friends timelines but not mine, so I can’t see post’s or go to chat or change profile photo & cover photo.Newsfeed works so I can keep up with my friends updates.My computer is able to access as normal only not working on iphone4S .

  35. SGott says:

    Exactly what you said and also, I delete posts on the iPhone and it returns with every log in. I can check updates, and return to my last posts yet they are nowhere to be found on my page. I deleted the app and then reinstalled it. It worked for a day then repeated its defects.

  36. Agent007 says:

    I get notifications that a friend has tagged me on their status, but I can’t comment or like it, I’m on my iPhone 4S facebook app.

  37. Sharan says:

    Im having problems as all was fine a few days ago. When i go on fb and just go to my news feed i did have on the top 3 things ‘status, photo and check-in’ but they are not there. Also when i go into see others comments on something my friends have put on fb i can’t just scroll down and comment i have to go out of it and select comment to write anything- where as normally i could comment at the bottom after reading other comments. And one final thing when i go back to view the comment i wrote i can’t espcially on photo comments. Please someone help. I have already deleted fb of my iphone 4s and reinstalled it.

  38. tommi says:

    there is a feature in the safari browser facebook page that allows you to use the desktop site. its really much more robust.. lots of features not in the iphone app.- just sayin

  39. tjw1313 says:

    Facebook on IPhone 4S is awful. Coming from Blackberry, I could share, message, update status, open a navigation page, etc. With the Blackberry, I can not share messages, updates lag, parts of friends posts are missing, etc. I’m still w/in my 14 days and might just look for a phone that will do what I need it to do.

  40. Winnie says:

    All the time. Its practically impossible to respond to any comments and changing your profile pic is beyond confusing if you have timeline. So frustrated.

  41. On my computer I have blocked facebook games as they appear on my newsfeed. I now never see what games people are playing. However on my iphone they still appear and are driving me mad. How do I block them on my phone?

  42. Paul_Eilich says:

    It would seem that when I post a status update from the 4s, it doesn’t show up on my friends walls. I have to delete the app and re load it. Then posts are able to be seen. I’m not sure if it has something to do with the tethering of the phone and lap top, potentially altering some settings. Can anybody help with this problem?

  43. Catgirl says:

    I got the iPhone a week ago and today started having problems with the facebook app. I touch it and a page comes up that I did not “like”. I can’t look at anything else and after 5 seconds it kicks me out. I go to the laptop on facebook and have to “unlike” that page. Thinking I fixed the problem, I go back to the phone and it is still there and kicks me out. What can I do about this?

  44. BluesPre says:

    My own facebook profile page won’t load on my iphone 5 running ios 6.0.1. Everything else seems to work but my own page doesn’t open and stays blank after showing the rotating “updating” icon thingie

  45. I am using an iphone 4s, i can see everything except my own homepage…. it said updating n hey presto….. nada!!!! not life r death but just frustrating…… grrrrrr 🙁 any help suggestions would be much appreciated 🙂

  46. benci says:

    I can’t even get my fb app to work since I did an update – it crashes before it starts up and I’ve removed it, restarted my phone, re-added it back several times now.

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