Droid RAZR vs Galaxy S3’s rumoured 7mm thickness

Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S III or S3 if your prefer, is definitely causing quite a stir amongst the mobile phone world, and its not surprising when you think about the S2’s success. Until officially confirmed, the rumour mill is now pointing to the S3 coming sometime in April/May.

Along with this, we’ve already told you that the S3 is possibly going to include a massive 12MP camera with news that Samsung may include 3D with a handset going by the name of the Galaxy S 3D. James here at Phones Review then followed up news by reporting that the S3 may indeed be slimmer than its predecessor, with a new thickness of 7mm compared to the 8.5mm previously seen.

If the S3 does indeed follow rumour with its new thickness, then it will match that of Motorola’s Droid RAZR, with another similarity as androidcommunity.com reported, of having a protrusion at the camera end of the device, with a camera size of 8MP.

Let us know if given the choice, what handset you would choose, the Galaxy S3 or Droid RAZR?

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