Facebook mobile ads via featured stories

Social networking site Facebook has since its official launch in 2004, acquired over 845 million active users, with the number continually growing. For users to the site, it’s a way of staying in contact with loved ones and friends, uploading and sharing photos, playing games and so on. With the user number growing, so do the amount of mobile phone handsets with the inclusion of Facebook on them.

Today according to reuters.com, mobile phone users are likely to see Facebook advertisements appearing on their handsets from next month, being the time of March.

News has stated that Mark Zuckerberg’s site will be showing off its new advertising incentive before its $5 billion public offering rumoured to be in May.

Featured stories as reported will be seen in the news feed allowing for more revenue to be drummed up.

Tell us if you are an avid Facebook fan and have accessibility to it on your mobile? Do you welcome featured story ads on your handset?

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