Mobile downloads via Internet doubles since 2010

Mobile download via the Internet seems to be on the increase as a recent study be StatCounter, a research group has found that some 8.5 percent of global Internet usage originated via a mobile device, although by Mobile device the group mean mobile phones only and don’t take tablets into account.

According to the guys over at Slash Gear though if you look at how the figures have changed over a couple of years, StarCounter’s study in 2010 found that 4.3 percent of Internet usage came from mobile devices, whilst back in 2009 that figure was only 1.6 percent.

Thus it would seem that mobile Internet usage has over the past five years increased 5-fold and doubled since 2010.

It appears that Nokia remains the leader in the field as their devices accounts for the majority of usage due to volume of handsets globally, and in such areas like developing countries where Nokia has never declined most of the population use their smartphone for Internet access.

Nokia holds onto that lead whilst Apple comes in second due to iOS customers being far more likely to eat up data, albeit not having the same global reach as Nokia, whilst finishing off the top five mobile Internet usage list are Samsung, Research In Motion and HTC.

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