Power Control Plus Android widget app, toggle bliss

There is now an app for the Android faithful that will enable the user to turn on/off any settings on your smartphone straight from the home screen, along with every aspect of the Android app being customisable including behaviour, size and colour and that application is called Power Control Plus (widget).

The Power Control Plus Android widget app is 100 percent compatible with both Android 3.2 Honeycomb devices and Android Ice Cream Sandwich devices, and features seven different widget sizes including vertical widgets.

The Power Control Plus app for Android also features the ability to toggle over 30 settings, whilst the app doesn’t run in the background and thus saves battery life, and with the app you can change the background transparency, edit the widget right from the home screen, add labels to the widget buttons and add a shortcut to any app on the widget.

With the Power Control Plus Android widget app the user can change/toggle such settings as Airplane mode, WiFi, 4G (HTC EVO 4G only), auto-rotate screen, vibrate mode, brightness, haptic feedback, Bluetooth discoverable, Bluetooth scan for devices, scan SD card, screen timeout, WiFi tethering and USB tethering (Android 2.2+), sound effects, input method, 2G — 3G, battery meter and a shortcut to battery use and more.

For those that would like to take advantage of what the Power Control Plus Android widget app has to offer you can download the application to your chosen Android device for free by hitting up the Android Market.

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