Samsung Galaxy Nexus internals portray price

Samsung’s Galaxy Nexus running on Android’s new Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 OS released last year to a sea of customers and the interest just keeps on rising. US carrier Verizon finally took hold of the Nexus in December and with the company dropping the handset’s price, we wanted to ask how they could justify doing this.

Looking under the Nexus shell at its internals and courtesy of intomobile.com it became clear that inside components were cheaper than previously used. Take a cost effective modem using CDMA and EVDO Rev, along with the LTE chip used, with the present one costing less than the previous one, in fact $23 less.

Judging by this, manufacturers developing forthcoming smartphones may and we say may, not have their work cut out with components costing less, therefore may be able to offer devices at a slightly cheaper price, this will possibly be seen with future developments. As wirelessandmobilenews.com pointed out Cali company Apple make a profit of over $400 with a smartphone costing just $200 to produce.

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  1. Bob52r says:

    Hey–engineering types. It took me three nexuses untill i got one that worked. Cheaper parts=lower quality? Or was a soft-ware beta employed as the marketing types won there arguement with engineering?

    Inquiring minds want to know

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