Bye Nokia N9 Harmattan hello ICS 4.0 by NITDroid

The Nokia N9 and Android Ice Cream Sandwich combination is looking very good indeed, so much so it could possibly be the case of bye Harmattan UI and hello ICS 4.0. Ok that is a little harsh to say that at the moment, but it could be true.

Many will say that Harmattan is prettier than ICS and of course others might not agree with this assumption, but there is the possibility that the Nokia N9’s Harmattan UI may come to a dead end road in favour of Ice Cream Sandwich. Alexey Roslyakov who is part of the NITDroid team has tweeted on Twitter a new image and a few words of progress.

This new project of putting ICS on the N9 is nowhere near completion, but it is a start, some might even say it is totally worth the wait. Roslyakov has reported that there is working progress in creating a dual-boot setup, which basically allows the alternative between Harmattan and ICS.

There are many questions that will come flying in, we know for sure one of them will be Harmattan is not better looking than ICS, some will even say that ICS is not prettier than Harmattan. One commenter over at The Verge said “A smooth UI for a spyware driven privacy malware made by Google? No, thanks”, what do you think about this comment?

We will keep you notified on the progress.


One thought on “Bye Nokia N9 Harmattan hello ICS 4.0 by NITDroid”

  1. Bruce B says:

    I received notification and downloaded my Pr1.2 software update to my Nokia N9 last night 3/3/2012 and the download and update all went without a hitch and at the moment all looks good the next week will tell me if the battery life is longer.

    Cheers Bruce

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