Vodafone 155 phone is pure low-cost simplicity

Whatever happened to the day when a phone was simply a phone? Many new smartphones are being released nearly every month, but many customers do not want all the frills, they just a handset that makes every thing simple when calling. If you want a no frills handset, then have a little read about the Vodafone 155 phone that offers pure low-cost simplicity.

The Vodafone 155 mobile phone is only £25; yes that is all you need to pay for this Pay As You Go handset.

It is being advertised for the senior, but we believe that this will be suited to anyone that is not into emailing, gaming, apps for this and apps for that, simple is the word here. It will allow customers to make and receive calls, as well as incoming and out going text messages with ease.

Some of the main features that make the Vodafone 155 stand out, has to be the SOS feature that gives family or friends peace of mind about the users wellbeing, on the back of the phone is a button with a heart on it, and when this button is held down for a number of seconds it will emit a loud sounding alert, when this happens the phone will automatically send out a text message to four designated SOS contacts, it will also try to ring those listed via hands free.

It has a very large display for easy viewing, big buttons for easy pressing, and comes with hearing aid compatibility, noise cancellation technology and high volume ringtones.

The 155 by Vodafone also gives a massive 600 minutes of talk time, it comes with a desktop charger and loudspeaker. Please visit Vodafone right here for more information and option to by the Vodafone 155 mobile phone. £25 for a simple mobile phone is well worth the money.


One thought on “Vodafone 155 phone is pure low-cost simplicity”

  1. brenda says:

    I do not like this phone at all. It is the same as the alcatel 288 phone I believe. It
    feels hard in the hand, uncomfortable almost. Sending messages is unnecessarily
    complicated for seniors. Getting back to the idle menu means you have to press the
    back button a lot. I really did not like it at all. I gave it back and for £30 more in a sale
    I exchanged it for the doro 610 and it is like a dream compared to it. I absolutely love
    it. It is easy to use (I am over 65) and also very interesting to use. So gald I swapped.
    If you want a nice phone and you have any difficulty in reading small buttons or print
    or if you have difficulty hearing this would be excellent (DORO 610). Good Luck to seniors. x

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