Ford B-MAX at MWC 2012 showing of mobile tech

As we get closer to Mobile World Congress 2012, which starts in a couple of week’s time over in Barcelona, more information as to what one can expect to show that the event comes to the surface, and apparently this years event will be the first time a car manufacturer will unveil a car during MWC.

According to an article over on Geeky-gadgets, they have received an email stating that Ford will be the first car maker to unveil a vehicle at Mobile World Congress, and that vehicle will be the Ford B-MAX along with new tech in the car.

Ford say that the B-MAX is one of the most technologically advanced small cars on the market, which will make its debut on the 27th of February at Mobile World Congress and is the very first time a car manufacturer has unveiled a vehicle at a mobile industries’ conference.

Obviously the move by Ford shows they know just how important mobile communication has become and thus will demo Ford’s vision “for future mobility” along with he growing connection between mobile tech and vehicles.

Thus although Ford hasn’t let on just what technology they will be showing off when they unveil the Ford B-MAX car during the show, one can assume that as MWC 2012 is mobile orientated Ford will show off mobile tech that the B-MAX utilises.

Still, only a couple of weeks before kick-off, so we will learn more about what mobile tech the Ford B-MAX car offer then, and of course we’ll pass it along.

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