New 2012 Android collectible figures, Jelly Bean flavour

For all of the Android faithful out there that love amassing adorable Android collectible, we have a little sneak peak at the 3rd series of fun 2012 Android vinyl collectible for your consideration today with a retailer sneak peek image that wasn’t supposed to be for posting, but so what if you collect Android stuff you just might love these.

The new 2012 Android collectible figures image comes our way courtesy of the guys over at Android Guys, and shows 15 new Android robots for you to collect although 5 designs of those 15 are missing, but you still get to see the other 10, (bigger image below).

Apparently one of the new 2012 Android mini robot collectibles has been inspired by the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and there are two other Google creations in the mix, one being a red coloured Android robot, which could possibly be because the next release of the Android operating system after Android Ice Cream Sandwich is Android Jelly Bean and the Jelly Bean logo is red.

Of course that red robot collectible could simply be a new colour and have nothing to do with Android Jelly Bean but you never know.

As for just when the Android collectible faithful will be able to get their hands on series 3 and how much they will cost, well that little bit of info remains a mystery at the moment by as soon as we hear more we will of course pass it along.

So how many of our Android readers out there actually collect Android collectible, and if so how many do you own, one, two or more and will you be snapping up a series 3 once they become available?

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