Mobile game Angry Birds flew to Facebook

It appears that Rovio the makers of the hugely popular multi-platform game Angry Birds, the most downloaded mobile game of last year believes that Angry Birds being mobile isn’t enough and as such has now delivered Angry Birds to Facebook so Facebookers can get their greedy green pig bashing action on.

According to an article over on Herald Sun, Rovia has now launched the new Angry Birds Facebook app in an attempt to get over 1 billion people playing the addictive bird throwing game, and a few fans were able to test out the app ahead of its official global launch in Jakarta.

Everyone must know how the Angry Birds game works you launch a differing coloured angry bird at a construction of green pigs to squash and destroy the egg stealers, a mobile game that has been downloaded in excess of 700 million time since its launch back in 2009.

Henri Holm, the senior vice president of Rovio Asia has said Angry Birds has proved a great success on smartphones and the company intends to reach even more fans and be on every platform and every screen and thus Rovio developed the Angry Birds Facebook app to reach the 800 million Facebook users out there.

With an estimated figure of roughly 845 million users on Facebook, the number of Angry Birds players will likely sore to beyond that 1 billion milestone with relative ease one would have thought. So the big question is will you be spending your time playing Angry Birds on your Facebook page?

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