Deciding what OS will be on upcoming Fujitsu phones

Japanese mobile phone handset maker ‘Fujitsu,’ providers for Android and Windows Phone devices, are now reported to be considering bringing their range of phones to customers outside of Asia. At the beginning of next week, this year’s Mobile World Congress event will be commencing with a possible announcement from Fujitsu that they will be selling their handsets in Europe with indication of when.

Not only will the European market benefit from Fujitsu devices but America will do this year or next. During the last year there has been a massive surge in devices releasing with Android’s OS with new Windows Phone introductions either here or on their way, but its not as techcrunch.com reported, clear whether Fujitsu will concentrate on both Android and WP devices or one over the other.

Interestingly there are positives and negatives as to what Fujitsu will choose to opt with. With Android proving a real contender against the likes of say Apple’s iOS, Fujitsu would have to come up with something pretty spectacular that stands over and above Android devices. As for Windows Phone this tends to lag behind paving the way for Fujitsu.

In a brief statement from Fujitsu it was said, “We don’t want to be just another mobile phone, we want to be special.”

What would you like to see? Does Fujitsu stand a chance?

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