Samsung Galaxy S3 sensational rumours to date

There have been quite a bit of sensational rumours surrounding the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the smartphone giant has been silent about each of them, allowing the speculation to spread wide and free.

Samsung has confirmed that they would be following up the Galaxy S2 with a much desired and far enhanced version that will be called the Galaxy S3. Although the phone company hasn’t officially disclosed any of its rumoured features, smartphone experts believe that this would be one of the most sought after smart phones to be launched in the market. Sources say that the S3 will have a wide range of futuristic specifications that will send all hearts racing. There is a lot of speculation on whether the S3 will be able to live up to the rumours surrounding it and while we wait and watch, let’s also have a look at what these rumours actually are.

Rumour has it that the phone is going to have a thickness of just 7mm, making it the slimmest smart phone to be launched till date. Samsung hasn’t actually confirmed this; however, a reliable source says that this will indeed be the case. Another great addition to the S3 will be the phone manufacturers HD Super AMOLED display fashioned with a 1280 x 720 powerful resolution, allowing users to feel the power of a number of stunning applications for you to enjoy. If you think that’s awesome, wait till you find out the rest.

The device is said to have a robust 2GB RAM and 32GB of internal memory for you to store all the music, videos, movies, games, and everything else you need right in your pocket. Its 2GHz dual core processor is meant to make usability of even the most advanced applications seem like a walk in the park. Imagine using the most advanced phone that has a state of the art design and world class features, enabling you to virtually carry out any task you need at any time and any place.

What about the camera? For all you camera freaks out there, you are going to absolutely love this phone. Samsung is believed to equip the Galaxy S3 with a rear mounted 12.0 megapixel camera for you to capture superior pictures during the day and night. Another power punch and you should be able to record videos in full HD and share it with your friends and family by uploading it on to Facebook or YouTube within seconds. Record videos while you are at a party and share it with everyone you need to. Plus, you wouldn’t have to worry about damaging your phone by spilling a drink on it as it is supposed to come with nano tech coating to protect it from spills. Samsung is also rumoured to equip the Galaxy S3 with 3D technology, allowing you to enjoy videos, pictures and everything else in 3D. This is a great addition to this smart phone and certainly one of its biggest selling points. Imagine making a short 3D documentary with the power of your mobile phone, Epic.

The S3 is also believed to run on the latest version of the Android OS and may bring along the launch of a few new exciting applications too. There have also been several rumours about the launch date of the S3. Although, Samsung Mobile hasn’t confirmed any date yet, we believe that it should see first light sometime during April 2012 just like the Samsung Galaxy S2 was launched last year around the same time. The price for the S3 is yet to be decided; however, judging by its features, this is most likely to be £35-40 a month where the S3 would have no RRP, either way the mobile phone contract deals would be cheaper than a pay as you go or SIM free estimated to be about £499 easy.

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