New Mozilla B2G OS taking on iOS and Android

Currently the mobile space is dominated by two operating systems, Android and iOS, with BlackBerry seemingly on the decline and Windows Phone not making a big dent just yet, and as for WebOS well that is virtually dead and buried and Symbian is going the same way, so does the mobile space need a new mobile operating system?

Well according to the guys over at Conceivablytech, it appears the mobile space will be seeing a new OS make its debut during Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona in the form of the new Mozilla B2G operating system.

The guys say that the Mozilla and Boot-to-Gekko (B2G) will live or die with Mozilla’s ability to execute effectively and be different but currently Mozilla B2G is a sketchy product built on top of a Linux kernel similar to that of Android but B2G will not be Android compatible but rather introduce its own flavour.

According to the Mozilla B2G roadmap the operating system currently supports camera features, messaging, open web apps, geolocation and accelerometers, but doesn’t support USB, NFC and Bluetooth just yet so still has a way to go.

The new Mozilla B2G OS will apparently use the Mozilla Gaia user interface and feature an applications store, their own web browser, camera/image gallery support, a medial player and ebook reader, and the overall look of Gaia resembles Android but will feature a URL bar on the home screen by default.

However the big question here is does the mobile space really require a new mobile operating system or more importantly can Mozilla B2G take off and become a credible challenge to Android and iOS and would people choose it over the operating systems currently available? More on the Mozilla B2G operating system when MWC 2012 kicks off.

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