Few surprises when Nightline aired inside Apple Foxconn

As you probably know, Apple is taking a lot of flak over labor practices by their Chinese suppliers and the Fair Labor Association is investigating those factories. So what is it like inside the company that makes the iPhone and Apple iPad are made, namely Foxconn? Well you are about to find out as we have a video of the first time a journalist was allowing inside Foxconn for your viewing consideration below.

According to the guys over at The Verge, Nightline showed their report on Foxconn on ABC where journalist Bill Weir talks directly to the workers and managers, and although you would expect this look inside the factory would yield information we don’t know, apparently the report was kind of light on info.

The info gleaned from the interview is that Foxconn workers are paid $1.78 per hour, workers dorms hold 8 in each room and occupiers have to shell out $17.50 a month to live there, workers also have to pay for their food costing roughly $.70 per meal and have to work 12-hour shifts.

We also learn that there are 141 steps that go into producing an iPhone and are essentially handmade, and it takes 5-days and 325 hands to build one Apple iPad. New Foxconn employees undergo 3-days team building and training exercises before they begin work, and that Apple is paying for the FLA audit.

However on watching the video footage I was a little surprised to learn that one of the workers who has helped make hundreds of thousands of iPad has never actually seen a finished iPad until shown on in the interview. Also I have to say that the dorm living conditions to remind me of a prison lifestyle.

Anyway head on down and hit that play button to check out this first look inside a Foxconn factory to draw your won conclusions.

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