New Mozilla App Store and phone to rival competitors

We recently posted that Mozilla is stepping into the mobile space with a new mobile operating system called Mozilla B2G that will be shown off during Mobile World Congress 2012 in Barcelona, and now it appears that Mozilla is gearing up for that new OS by launching a new app store for web apps called Mozilla Marketplace.

According to the guys over at My Broadband, Mozilla is hoping to promote the Mozilla Marketplace to smartphones that are not tied to a company’s own software and their plan would call for a new type of smartphone where apps would work via the browser rather than via operating systems such as iOS, Windows Phone or Android.

Basically Mozilla’s idea is to use the browser as the mobile operating system where the browser would support such features as geo-location, voice communication, camera and the like, and the Mozilla Marketplace would enable developers to write applications that would work on any handset that supports a browser.

Apparently Mozilla is in talks with manufacturers and carriers about a Mozilla phone, a device that would no doubt support the Mozilla B2G operating system Mozilla will unveil at MWC 2012.

Chief of innovation at Mozilla, Todd Simpson says, Mozilla is unlocking the potential of the web enabling it to be a platform for the creation and consuming of content everywhere.

So what do our readers think about all this, would you like to see a Mozilla phone with a web based operating system, would such a device capture your interest?

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