Pre-order Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS in India now

Whilst South Korean company Samsung are showcasing new devices at the Mobile World Congress event this week, for example the new Galaxy Beam with Pico Projector, another set of Sammy phones will be available to pre-order in India. They go by the name of the Galaxy Y Pro DUO, emphasized because the handset allows the use of two SIM cards.

As infibeam.com reported, the new range will allow the user to have two separate phone numbers whilst using data to fit in with their plan. The handsets benefit from GSM technology along with Samsung’s TouchWiz software.

If you’re not already impressed by the concept of having two SIMs in your handset, then perhaps if we tell you that other packed features include the running of Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS, 2.6 inch display, 3G, 1350mAh battery, 3.15 MP rear camera with front facing VGA, with the use of a QWERTY keyboard along with connectivity via Bluetooth and WiFi.

For a price of Rs 9,975 the new Samsung Galaxy Y Pro Duo handset can be pre-ordered direct from Infibeam.com with the benefit of paying for your new device on receiving it, this has to be by way of cash.

Let us know what you think about the new handset? Impressed by the use of two SIMs?


7 thoughts on “Pre-order Samsung Galaxy Y Pro DUOS in India now”

      1. ankush says:

         Dirty phone due to backup=== its working only 2hrs with full battery if app running or not == its not mobile its land line phone because always carry charger for charging.

  1. Active1 says:

    I have being using this phone since one month and would like to highlight some of the pros and consCons
    1. The battery life with 3G activated is a big time problem, probably the mobile has to be charged almost 2 times every day with minimal usage and couple of hours of call2. The Moment you get a call on one of the sim, the data service stops and will start again once you end the call on the active sim3. After you register the phone or start the phone and connect it to wi-fi you get an firmware upgrade notification. The moment you upgrade it there are some behaviour change- While on call, when the part on the other end keeps the phone before you you will get a out of service notification in red on your phone and it will take some time to catch the network back again, around 10 to 15 secs. During this period you will not be able to call – The Data Service sometimes doesn’t work on 2G (GPRS) and the only option is to restart the phone. Once the phone is restarted the data service works.
    Have not seen this problem after activating 3G services on the phone but that costs you the battery Charge on per day basis- List of application along with the phone is less and some of them are not useful enough – my opinion- The performance/response time of the phone is a bit delay after upgrading4. The Mobile tracking funcationality from the web is also not working for me, it just keeps on tracking with no result.Pros
    Good Touch and type facitlity with qwetry nicely placed so that the typo errors are lessDecent cameraVideo call facility (Still have not tested it) with front and back camera in placeDual Sim  – Both can recieve calls at any time, however when a call is on on one of the sim the other sim will not be reachableAndroid platformI feel now android being the Operating system on lot of phones, other manfacture are providing the same with lost cost and similar specs.
    So, do look for other brands as well before deciding on this modelLet see the new firmware upgrade, what it makes out of this phone

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