SnappzMarket version 2.2.4 download for Android

As many of us are aware, there are an abundance of apps that can be sourced for you’re mobile or tablet device, but how many of us are aware of one by the name of ‘SnappzMarket.’

In basic terms, SnappzMarket allows you the user to gain full paid apps for FREE on what is known as ‘Black Market.’ On opening up the SnappzMarket app, an ‘activity’ menu of apps that have been downloaded from other people, will be presented with the benefit of receiving the latest with a refresh.

Another benefit to SnappzMarket is that you the user can see the latest apps that have been developed and then uploaded into different categories for your viewing pleasure. These include games with three categories being available from racing, casual or sports games.

Allowing the user to pick a particular app, will give information such as its name, the person who published it as well as the version, giving you the option to download it or support the developer. Currently there are over 48,000 apps available for Android phones and tablet devices.

Today the news has filtered through via howtomen.com that a new SnappzMarket version 2.2.4 is ready to be downloaded for Android, the only snag to this is that it appears to not be available to ICS users. The site is currently down due to being updated but the advice is to be patient.

Let us know if you have used SnappzMarket before and your thoughts on it? Will you be trying to get the new version 2.2.4?


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