Galaxy S3 April release untrue Samsung will use Twitter

As you probably know there is word flying round the net waves that Sammy will release the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 sometime in April, however apparently that word is somewhat wrong, and old Sammy seems to have confirmed this via their Twitter account to set the record straight.

According to the guys over at Tech Radar, Samsung Tomorrow has used their official Twitter account to belay the Samsung Galaxy S3 April release date timeframe and further confirms that any release day for the Galaxy S3 will be announced via Twitter first.

Apparently the guys slipped the Twitter post through the Google translator, which threw up, “Please note: Some known through press releases Galaxy S3 [April release] is not true. Once [there is] a specific launch date we will notify you via Twitter first.”

So there you have it, apparently that speculation that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will launch in April is fake and old Sammy will look to Twitter to announce the actual release date for the Samsung Galaxy S2 successor when they are ready to do so.

So unless Samsung is swinging a line to put people off the track entirely it appears that you wont be seeing the Galaxy S3 in April, of course they could always turn things on their head completely and deliver the device sometime this month however unlikely, but for now anyway it looks like if you are waiting for the Android Galaxy S3 your wait continues for a while yet.


One thought on “Galaxy S3 April release untrue Samsung will use Twitter”

  1. Drayno says:

    as stated this was passed through the google translator, other statements have said that the date was not set in stone so does not rule out April. Plus there have been Marketing strategy teams employed in UK so there must be something coming soon

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