App Store adds new mystery Catalogs category

It is believed that Apple will be showcasing its new iPad later today and we may even see it available in just over a week’s time. Ahead of this the Apple App Store has received a mystery Catalogs category, which could mean interactive catalogs will be hitting the iPad 3 once it has been released.

This new category being added to the App Store has led to talk that consumers will be offered high-resolution interactive catalogs, and according to Cnet these will be available to the iPad from the App Store.

There has already been a company on the App Store for a number of months now called Catalog Spree, which offers users an application that has a number of offerings for catalogs from various companies. The iPad app allows users to browse and also subscribe to these catalogs, which is something Apple could easily do similar to the way it does for books and magazines via its iOS feature Newsstand.

Since the iPad first become available it has had a big impact on the publication and shopping industries, and according to Catalog Spree CEO, Joaquin Ruiz, Apple doesn’t normally add an app category “lightly” and looks to be an important part of the “App Store ecosystem”.

The new iPad 3 is rumored to be coming later today with an improved Retina Display and faster processor. It is also believed to feature for the first time with an Apple mobile product, 4G LTE connectivity, but all this is currently only rumors so we will have to wait until later to hear what Apple’s new iPad will be like officially.

Do you use your iPad to read eBooks and other publications?

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