Apple Store down March 7 for updates: Event coverage

Just a quick bit of news, the Apple Store is down and new updates are taking place. The question is “What is coming?” As we all know the iPad 3 launch event kicks off later today, and when such event happens the store goes down for a little while.

New products will show up online no doubt, Apple as usual has not revealed what will be unveiled today, because that is what they do to hype us up, but an iPad refresh is a definite and we suspect a new updated Apple TV may and we say that with a little whisper may be revealed.

We believe that a new refresh of the Apple TV will pop up on the Apple Store as well as news on the new iPad 3, will they issue a first come first serve for the new tablet?

No one knows what the next-gen Apple iPad will be called; it could be the iPad 3, iPad HD or even the iPad 2S, cast your votes now before the event kicks off.

Anyway, we would like to inform you that we here at Phones Review will cover the Apple iPad event as soon as it starts with multiple news articles. The highly anticipated what is known as the iPad 3, will have future buyers at the edge of their seats later.

Many months have passed with iPad 3 this and iPad that tonight will reveal all, so lets hope this is not all hype. Go to our home page — phonesreview.co.uk and keep hitting that refresh button from 6pm onward for all the news under one roof.

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