New 2012 Nike FuelBand Android app for Summer

With the explosion in mobile technology in recent times we have seen a number of new ways that can help us keep fit and eat more healthily. There are now many mobile applications available to consumers that offer a number of ways of leading a healthier lifestyle, and today we have news of a new 2012 Nike FuelBand Android app that is tipped for the summer.

The FuelBand from Nike is the latest big thing to hit the fitness sector recently, and works in a similar way to a Fitbit, but according to Droid Life it uses a new metric that is supposed to measure the amount of physical activity users do in a day. The FuelBand measures user’s steps, and the amount of calories burned all the time it is worn on a user’s wrist.

The small wrist strap can have goals set by the user for each day, and then you can try to beat them by doing a number of physical activities that can be as simple as walking to work. Once you beat your goals the NikePlus website lets you know how well you have done, and even keep a record of your streaks if you can manage to beat goals on a number of days on the trot.

Users can even get information from the website that looks into all your physical performances, and now the device is set to join the iOS platform with a dedicated Android application. When the device was first released by Nike it was launched with an iOS app, but Android users were left in the cold again. The application allows users to wirelessly sync information with the FuelBand, allowing you to keep an eye on all your progress during the day without having to remove it and hook it up to a PC, and now Nike has confirmed via Twitter that an Android app is on its way.

Do you use a Nike FuelBand?


2 thoughts on “New 2012 Nike FuelBand Android app for Summer”

  1. Garethrjones says:

    It does not upload wirelessly but through a clumsy USB connection.
    Does not have food logging capabilities
    Can only be worn on the wrist like a badge of fitness shame
    No altimeter so does not track stairs climbed
    Only works with apple OS
    Crap basically compared to fitbit

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