Samsung Galaxy S2 & HTC Sensation XE Android ICS 4.0 updates

Google first released the Android Ice Cream Sandwich operating system late last year with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, but we only just beginning to see the software update rollout to other devices. Today we have news about the Samsung Galaxy S2 and HTC Sensation XE Android ICS 4.0 updates.

HTC have got the ball rolling by starting the over the air upgrade for owners of the HTC Sensation XE, and as GSM Arena are reporting the availability of the software has been reported by users in Germany and the Nordic countries. This should be soon followed by the rest of the Euro zone ahead of a global rollout.

You can keep a check for the new software by checking the settings menu, but it is advised you download the upgrade once it is available via Wi-Fi as the software is almost 300MB in size. Meanwhile it is being reported by the Android Police that owners of the HTC Sensation have also reported getting the ICS upgrade in the Nordic regions.

The update is bringing Android 4.0.3 and HTCs Sense 3.6 overlay with it as many users of the XDA forums are reporting getting the new software. Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S2 waiting for Android ICS have been led a merry dance in the last day or two. First it was reported that the handset would finally receive the upgrade tomorrow, which according to Engadget won’t support Flash or Bluetooth 3.0 HS.

It is expected to include Android Beam, Face Unlock, and multitasking among other things, but Samsung has poured cold water on to this rumor by saying the update will not be available on the 10th. The company took to its Twitter account and stressed the date is wrong, and said once the schedule is set it will confirm the news via its Twitter page.

Has your HTC Sensation received the ICS update yet?


6 thoughts on “Samsung Galaxy S2 & HTC Sensation XE Android ICS 4.0 updates”

  1. Romex777 says:

    Latest news is saying that update for SG2 has been postponed and will not be coming this saturday!! again Android update played a trick on all who wait

  2. Jeng1076 says:

    my phone, htc sensation xe, has recently had its system update and unfortunately i am not happy with it. When i browse through my applications and whenever i open an application and decides to close it, it goes back to the main window not in the applications window. and sometimes when i open an application, e.g. messages, weather, it doesnt open and goes back to the main menu. i have to restart my phone but sometimes that doesn’t work. Im not a techie person but the old system is much better for me, it was faster and user friendly. Now, whenever i search, there is always a waiting time of more than 30 seconds. i need help, advise on what to do or how i can make this new system work for my phone.

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