iPhone Daylight savings 2012, clock problems

This is not the first time we’ve reported on problems that iOS devices seem to have with the Daylight Saving Time clock shift. Indeed it seems to be a recurring theme and we might have imagined that Apple could have sorted these issues out by now. However we have news that iPhone users have had clock problems again, this time with Daylight Savings 2012.

As we said previously this seems to be a habitual problem every time clock changes need to be made and indeed we’ve previously referred to the issue as Apples’ Achilles heel. No doubt many people were hoping that the same problems wouldn’t occur this time around but alas it seems that plenty of people have had problems. Twice a year when the clocks change, strange things start happening to iOS devices and there have been previous reports of frustrating alarm blunders and also Siri seems to have been confused about when exactly Daylight Savings was occurring this year.

Athough you may have imagined that these sort of bugs would have been ironed out by now with regular iOS updates, the problems it seem still go on. TUAW reports that some of its readers said their clocks went back an hour instead of forwards at the weekend. Meanwhile there seems to be another problem with picking up user locations as one reader’s iPhone thinks they’re on Mountain Time even though they live in Nashville while another user’s phone thinks it’s in Chicago when they live in Florida.

As TUAW says, these glitches are probably easily solved by simply restarting the device or switching the timezone automation on and off but that’s really not the point as Apple should have sorted out these issues by now and to be frank we’re surprised it hasn’t. We’d like to get an idea of how widespread the problems are so would like hear from any of you out there who have been affected by the clock iOS glitch. What irregularity occurred with your iOS device and what is your location? Do you feel that Apple should have smoothed this out by now?


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  1. Maggie_Potempa says:

    My phone time changed correctly however the alarm is behind an hour. So if I want to get up at 7am, I had to set the alarm for 8am, which actually goes off at 7am. Horribly confusing and such a disappointment since these phones are so damn smart. It’s missing the common sense gene. I live in central time and had this problem 6 months ago. I think it changed/got fixed thru am update a week later. So annoying. Now I just hope an update doesn’t get pushed over night so my 8am alarm doesn’t actually go off at 8am…I’d be a wee bit late 🙁

  2. Moxiestarbuck says:

    Here in Pensacola, FL my iPhone alarm (which I rely on daily, caused me a great inconvenience and what could have been a dangerous situation that left my 5 year old daughter abandoned at the bus stop after school… I work nights and sleep while she is at school. It’s now 3 days later… I’ve turned my phone on and off numerous times as well s switched the automatic setting on and off but the clock still cannot make up it’s mind about what time it is and the alarm goes off an hour early… When it does actually go off. Also, my ringer refused to sound on incoming calls. I received voicemails but no record of missed calls in the recent call list. Thanks a lot Apple… Luv ya anyway~

  3. My iPhone 3 changed time fine…and all was well for 3 days.  However, on day 4 it jumped back an hour making me late for work because I didn’t notice.  I rebooted and it corrected itself.  

  4. I_hate_apple_(right now) says:

    Daylight savings was today in Europe. Last night I googled “iphone daylight savings” and read that the iphone would automatically change the time. It did change the time correctly, but it also SHUT MY ALARM OFF. Missed my flight and had to buy another ticket for a thousand bucks as i was flying back to the states early in the morning. Not happy.

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