DropSpot for Android accesses files with ease

The smartphones that many of us now use means we have a personal computer on us wherever we go, which also means we may have a large number of files stored on our mobile device. There will be occasions when you don’t have the time to connect your handset to a PC, and this is where DropSpot for Android comes in that lets users access files with ease.

There are a number of different applications available that allow users to wirelessly transfer files from a PC over to an Android mobile device, but as Android Authority are reporting the transfer can only happen from the computer to the device. With DropSpot installed onto your Android mobile device you will be able to access your files stored on there by using any web browser such as Firefox.

To do this you have to get your Android device connected to the same Wi-Fi network that your PC is using, put in the IP address that is provided from the applications homescreen and away you go. The web companion of DropSpot allows users to send files in bulk to their Android device, so you won’t have the tedious task of sending them one at a time.

The application has a nice minimal and sleek look that provides users with everything you need without extra clutter, and uses a simple drag and drop feature for moving your files. To get a file from your PC to your handset it’s just a simple case of dropping the file from the PC folder to the web browser, and you can also move or copy a file already stored on the mobile device.

The application is available in a Lite version that is free to download from Google Play, and it contains many of the features of the full version except users can only upload files that are no larger than 5 MB, with the full version costing $1.99 to download.

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