Best shops to buy ‘New iPad’ in UK today

As you know the big day has arrived and you can now grab the new iPad from Apple, however apparently the latest iOS slate has sold out online, and no doubt there are fairly long queues at stores, so where are the best shops you can buy the new iPad in the United Kingdom today?

Well the guys over at iBtimes have come up with a few places in the UK where you should be able to get your shiny new iPad without too much fuss, apparently PC World has informed Business Times UK that they will offer the new iPad as of midday today.

Apparently Pocket-lint has reported that flagship stores such as Tottenham Court Road will begin selling the new iOS tablet as of 12:01AM, which is 8-hours ahead of Apple stores, although Apple stores in the UK will begin selling at 8:00AM.

However to get your new iPad in the UK it appears one needs to make sure they are lining up rather early as according to the guys they have heard that Apple staff expect to have to manage queues as early as 4:00AM.

If you are planning on hitting up Tesco to pick up the new iPad, it appears that Tesco have removed the new iPad from their website, and when contacted a recorded message revealed that due to high demand for the new iPad, the company is unable to provide specific stock info.

John Lewis will offer the new iPad online as of 12:01AM today but will only have limited stock, and will offer the slate from 9:30AM in stores.

Apparently Argos will also offer the new iPad but can’t be ordered online, but apparently have stock ready for when they open today ew iPad, Tesco can’t provide specific stock info.

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