Top 5 Mega Millions iPhone apps

There will be many of us keeping our fingers crossed that our lucky numbers will finally come up so we can live that easier life style that we crave. Today we have the top 5 Mega Millions iPhone apps for you to help keep up with the results, and maybe even push you in the right direction in choosing the winning numbers.

First up we have the free Mega Millions & Powerball application that provides users with all the latest jackpot information and draw results, and also includes a full year of draw result history. Other features include payout and prize level information, official lottery website link, and the ability to email current results and jackpot information to friends. For more information and to download hit the App Store.

Next we have the Mega Millions Results app that promises to be the simplest way to check the Mega Millions results, and is another free application. Users can simply check results for the past years by swiping left or right on their iOS device, and see all results since June 2005. They can also share the Mega Millions results with friends and family via email, Facebook, SMS, and Twitter, and the app is universal for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Head over to the App Store to download.

Another application that promises to provide users with helpful information in selecting winning numbers is Mega Millions Lottery Report Collection. The application is constantly updated to show you the result history of the game, and provides information such as which number comes up the most, and much more. This is again available on the App Store priced at $1.99/£1.49.

Mega Millions Ticket is simply a fun way of selecting numbers to enter the lottery, and selects fives sets of six random numbers for the game. The numbers are even displayed on a real looking ticket, and a quick shake of your device will provide another set of numbers, and you can find this free on the App Store.

A feature packed application is Lotto Pro that will let you check results, pick numbers, match winning numbers, browse historical results, automatically calculate winnings, find out ball number trends, and generate quick picks from these trends. This is priced at £0.69/$0.99 and can be downloaded from the App Store.


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  1. Jafb1954 says:

    Guys check on Apple Store the new application called ‘MM Lotto’ for IPhone, is a good tracking tool for mega millions it gives more than 6 years of results and track your bets against results with color codes. Also it calculates most played numbers by date range and ball, it is a well done application and it worth the price.

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