Your views on BlackBerry Traffic app v3.0.2.18 update

If you are one of the BlackBerry faithful out there you might like to learn that Research In Motion has now delivered a small update to the BlackBerry Traffic application, which brings the app version up to v3.0.2.18 that can now be downloaded from BlackBerry App World if you haven’t already done so.

According to the guys over at Crackberry, the v3.0.2.18 update delivers bug fixes for both power management and a text UI bug, and if you have been experiencing any of those issues it is probably best to grab the new app.

The guys say that the BlackBerry Traffic app delivers options such as alternate routes so you can avoid tollbooths when travelling, delivers you your ETA based on your current location, the ability to send your ETA to your contacts via PIN, SMS or email, and also has voice guidance.

If you experience problems when installing the updated BlackBerry Traffic app, reboot your BlackBerry smartphone, clear the BlackBerry App World cache, and then refresh the App World list by navigating to My World within the application then press menu and select refresh list.

So there you have it, we’d like to hear from any of our readers out there that use the BlackBerry Traffic app and what they think of this latest update and if they are experiencing any other issues, so feel free to let us know by dropping us a line to our comments area below.


2 thoughts on “Your views on BlackBerry Traffic app v3.0.2.18 update”

  1. Dwight k schrute says:

    My 2 cents. I had the app on my 9780 but never used it. I rented a car for a week in the Chicago area and had a 1200 mile week. Hertz let me down and didn’t have a GPS so I tried BB traffic. In general it was as good as my garmin at home.
    Only problem was that twice it couldn’t download route.

  2. WolfbaineUK says:

    What I find interesting is a. .co.uk website asking for reviews on a blackberry app which is only available in Canada and America.  It would be great if blackberry made it available to the rest of us. 

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