HTC LogMeIn remote access to support staff

Modern mobile technology has come a long way in recent years, but unfortunately there are times when things can go wrong for one reason or another. Now HTC are looking to help users of their smartphones when things go wrong with LogMeIn remote access to support staff.

The company is looking to make things easier for owners of its future smartphones after the company agreed a deal with the remote assistance software company, LogMeIn. According to PCMag HTC are planning to install the flagship LogMeIn Rescue software on all upcoming HTC Android devices, which will allow owners to connect their device securely to HTC customer care staff while making support calls.

Once the device is connected HTC technicians can run diagnostics, check any issues, and push out common device and network settings remotely. The LogMeIn software will provide owners of the devices access to HTCs support staff no matter where they are, once they have a data or Wi-Fi access.

Simon Harper of HTC said that the company is focused on offering “the best and most personal customer experience in the mobile industry”. Harper added that the LogMeIn software will be “a great match” for allowing the company to continue to provide great service to its customers.

Lee Weiner vice president of LogMeIn said that both companies are looking to achieve a new level of customer service, and added that such services will offer something different in a “crowded marketplace”.

Quite often a user could be faced with an issue on their smartphone that has nothing to do with faulty hardware, and the problem can be a simple software configuration fault that can easily be picked up by someone who has more knowledge of the product. If HTC has the correctly trained staff to hand this looks to be a feature that could prove invaluable to some users.

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