Rule The Kingdom free action RPG coming to Android

We report on a number of great mobile games here on Phones Review as users of the Android and the iOS platforms have the choice of a number of different titles satisfying most tastes. Today we have news of Rule The Kingdom that is a free action RPG coming to Android soon.

Game Insight who are already responsible for a number of great titles that include Airport City, Crime Story, Paradise Island, My Country, My Clinic, and My Railway have announced a new game according to Androinica.

Rule The Kingdom will be released sometime in April and the game will surprise many as it is different from the developers other titles, as it will be Game Insights first foray into an action RPG title. The game will have city building features but will focus on completing missions, killing monsters and beasts along with gathering money and other treasures.

The title will keep you occupied for a while with over 1,000 different quests and twelve different campaigns will be in the game, and while the title may look complex it will continue the developer’s nice tradition of being free to download. Players take up the mantle of a deposed lord or lady who has to defend and rebuild their home, and other tasks include building a busy village and creating an economy by harvesting crops and other things.

Obviously there will be a few optional extras that can be purchased within the game, but Rule The Kingdom will continue the nice option of free Android applications available to users. Currently there is no exact date for the games release next month, but there is a chance it will come by April Fool’s day. That is under two weeks away so it would be a good idea to keep a check on Google Play around then for the game.

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