Download iTunes 10.6.1 update to address problems

Users of iTunes will be pleased today to hear of a software update that addresses some problems. iTunes 10.6.1 is available through OS X Software Update and the update should fix some glitches and bugs that have been apparent in the music and library app.

The size of the 10.6.1 version update is 64.9MB and one of the issues that it should solve was a problem whereby iTunes would quit unexpectedly while users were either syncing photos, in Grid view to change the size of artwork or playing videos. Another issue that should now be sorted involved WindowEyes or VoiceOver wrongly describing some elements of the iTunes interface.

Other fixes will help some users who found that when syncing iPod nano or iPod shuffle, iTunes became unresponsive and another issue whereby some users noted an ordering problem when browsing iTunes library TV episodes on Apple TV, according to MacRumors. In further Apple update news the iTunes Producer app, used to send content to iTunes, has also received an update.

TUAW tells how iTunes Producer 2.6 adds some new features. One improvement means that users can now view and search metadata for multiple vendor ID’s at the same time and another addition means that delivery issues can now be annotated with notes when using Send to Apple. Other extras for music include an enhanced interface for use with translating, customizable groupings and alert tones. For books, start dates for pre-orders, target audience and more can all be added by publishers and more languages are also supported.

The iTunes 10.6.1 update will be important to many of us because it will hopefully solve some of the current bugs. If you have already updated let us know if things are now running smoothly? Are any problems that you noticed before still existing after the update? Why not let us know with your comments.


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