Temple Run for Android hits 1M download milestone

After quite a bit of a wait for the highly popular mobile game Temple Run to hit Google Play, the Android version of the game, that has apparently seen 45 million downloads over the last seven months on the iOS platform, has hit its first download milestone on the Android platform, with gamers downloading the app some one million times in just three days.

According to the guys over at The Next Web, the free version of Temple Run for Android is becoming quite a success on Google Play, with the game that has the gamer running for their life to escape evil devil monkeys with a stolen cursed idol having garnered in excess of 43,000 reviews and a rating of 4.3.

All this despite our previous report that Android gamers received the release of Temple Run on Android with mixed feelings, due to either the Android app not being compatible with user’s handsets or users experiencing difficulties, but it still hasn’t stopped Temple Run for Android becoming a success.

However, apparently Temple Run maker, Imangi Studios have said that that despite supporting 707 Android devices, 99 percent of support emails are complaints that the mobile game doesn’t work on a specific Android tablet or smartphone.

Still it seems that although that 99 percent of emails are complaints, Temple Run is still doing quite nicely on Google Play, have you downloaded and played Temple Run for Android yet? Have to confess…I haven’t yet.


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