Users of iPhone WiFi dominates Android

When it comes to WiFi hogs it appears that the iOS faithful prefer to grab their data via WiFi more than the Android faithful, with apparently owners of the iPhone in the United States and the United Kingdom consuming more of their data over WiFi and smartphone wireless signal than Android users during the month of February.

According to the guys over at Cnet, market research firm ComScore has now released their Device Essentials study, which shows that 71% of US iPhone users use both WiFi and cellular networks whilst only 32% of Android users use both connection means, which leaves 29% of US iPhone users and 68% of US Android users connect to the Internet only via their carrier’s network.

When it comes to the United Kingdom, 87% of UK iPhone users user WiFi and cellular networks, whilst 57% of UK Android users use both, but ComScore does state that at least in the United Kingdom, a mix of both business and high speed wireless infrastructure lead to those differences.

The president of operator and mobile solutions for ComScore, Serge Matta says that in the United Kingdom, the higher incidence of pre-paid smartphone contracts with pay-as-you-go data models along with the scarcity of unlimited data plans more than likely contribute to data offloading, and also the lack of high speed data networks in the United Kingdom could also see users looking for higher bandwidth capacity on WiFi networks.

Apparently ComScore says that the largest contingent of smartphone users that use both cellular and WiFi in the US are with AT&T and then followed by Verizon and then T-Mobile, whilst in the UK, Vodafone has the lead with Orange and Telefonica bringing up the rear.

So there it is, according to the latest study the users of the iPhone are the WiFi hogs in the mobile space, so we thought we’d ask our readers, do you use WiFi more than you use your cellular network whether you have an Android device or iPhone?

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