Camera is least important budget tablet feature

When it comes to tablet devices it’s clear that Apple’s iPad, including the latest new iPad, is dominant in the market. However not everybody can pay out for an iPad so today we have some news about what features and specs are least important to the consumer when thinking of purchasing a budget tablet.

There are many contenders to the iPad in the market but some that match the specs are simply too pricey while others are aimed at the budget end of the tablet market but fall down on specs. The Kindle Fire Android tablet has made a pretty good stab of being a decent enough tablet without the expense of the iPad but generally one thing we all know is that you can rarely get a device with top-end specs, which is much cheaper than others of its kind.

A recent poll conducted on Droid-Life asked what people would be prepared to sacrifice in order to create a $199 tablet and the results show what is most and least important to purchasers of new tablet devices, especially of the less expensive variety. It seems that without a doubt the camera on the tablet is the least important feature as 58% said they would sacrifice this for a budget tablet. This was way out in front as the feature picked to be sacrificed and the next top was storage (less or lower class) on 15%. After this 7% were willing to forego a decent casing or outer shell.

The remaining results of the poll, which is still ongoing, are other (3%), display (2%), processor (2%), battery (1%) and RAM (0%). This clearly shows that the camera on a tablet is not anywhere near as important as the display, processor and other items. In fact we shouldn’t be surprised as how many of us really use our tablet devices seriously for taking photographs? Although many of us do use our smartphones now for our photography needs that trend hasn’t caught on so much for tablets, probably due to the portability factor.

We’d be interested to hear your views on the results of this poll and if they reflect your own opinion. What are the least and most important factors to you regarding a tablet device, regardless of how much it costs? What features could you happily do without? Why not let us know by sending us your comments using the box below

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