Martin Cooper mobile phone creator video interview

So, ever wanted to know that Martin Cooper, the creator of the first mobile phone thinks about the smartphones of today, and what he has to say about that first mobile phone? Well if you do have an interest in what the creator has to say, we have a video interview with Martin Cooper for your viewing pleasure below.

The Martin Cooper interview footage comes our way courtesy of Sydney Myer over at Phone Dog, who arranged to have the special one to one video conference with Mr. Cooper, which last almost 28 minutes and covers such topic s as today’s mobile market, that first mobile phone and the spectrum crunch carriers are facing.

Also during the interview, viewers were allowed to submit questions to Martin and five of those questions where selected, questions such as what inspired Martin and his team to create the first mobile phone way back in the 1960’s, and the first cell phone and supporting system arrived from Motorola in 1973 basically to prove that someone else other than AT&T could do it.

Another question was why where the mobile phone so big, and Martin respond with that it is difficult to explain what the tech was like back then, but back then there were no personal computers, and no large scale integrated circuits, so they have to construct that mobile phone with thousands of individual parts.

Anyway the interview with Martin Cooper is very interesting to watch, so I’ll leave it there, so you can head on down and mash that play button to check out the footage…enjoy.

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