US Lumia 900 wont be a hit claim analysts

I’m sure most are aware that the newest Windows Phone from the Nokia camp, the Nokia Lumia 900 is expected to release in the good old US of A in a few days time on the AT&T network, and is an important launch for Nokia, but apparently analysts are estimating sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 wont hit that magic million.

According to the guys over on Phone Arena, by way of Bloomberg, according to Deutsche Bank AG and Avian Securities, sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 flagship handset are likely to hit hundreds of thousands rather than millions like the iPhone in the first 3 months.

According to Avian analyst Matthew Thornton, although the Nokia brand is known in the US, Nokia devices lag behind Samsung and Apple and it will be an uphill struggle, and he doesn’t see the Nokia Lumia 900 becoming a hit.

Avain Securities estimates sales of the Nokia Lumia 900 will hit 370,000 in the first three months, whilst Deutsche Bank’s Kai Korschelt estimates the Windows Phone will hit 140,000 in the worse case or at best 680,000 units in the first three months.

Nokia was once the main firm in the mobile space but since the release of the iPhone back in 2007, Nokia has lost a whopping 80 percent of its market share, something Nokia hopes to turn around with their new Windows Phone Lumia handsets.

The Nokia Lumia 900 is to go on sale as of the 8th of April on AT&T and commands a very reasonable price tag of $99 when signing on for a two-year term, which probably means neither Nokia or Microsoft are making a large profit on the handset, and apparently AT&T has said they are looking for steady growth rather than fast sales success.

So what do our readers think about the Nokia Lumia 900, do you think the handset will be a success or will it fail to garner much interest?


3 thoughts on “US Lumia 900 wont be a hit claim analysts”

  1. Zune Man says:

    I think everybody already guessed that the Nokia Lumia 900 phone would turn out to be a dud, and not sell. The interesting part will be when the sales figures come out (not that Microsoft releases that info), so we find out just how bad the disaster was.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Funny, the phone is the #1 seller on Amazon Wireless right now and has been #1 on AT&T since the pre-orders started on the 30th….
    Doesn’t sound much like a failure to me but retail sales just started yesterday (a holiday) so we’ll see soon.

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