Windows Phone 8 Nokia marketing poster leaked

Well now although the release of the Nokia Lumia 900 in the US is still a couple of days away, it appears that Nokia is looking to the future of their Windows Phone devices that will support the next generation Windows Phone operating system, Windows Phone 8, as it appears a Nokia Windows Phone 8 marketing poster has been leaked.

According to the guys over at Ubergizmo, a tipster has sent in an image to the guys over at Phone Arena that shows Nokia could already be working on Windows Phone 8 marketing, although apparently the unnamed tipster does say that the poster design hasn’t been finalised.

Word is the Windows Phone 8 marketing poster originates from inside Nokia itself, and it isn’t clear if the depicted handsets in the image are real devices or simply placeholders.

Assuming that Microsoft can keep to the rumoured schedule, it is possible we could see Windows Phone 8 Apollo devices appearing by the end of the year, and considering the relationship Microsoft has with the Finnish handset maker, it wouldn’t surprise if Microsoft have given Nokia advance info ahead of their rivals.

Having said that of course there’s no real confirmation that this Windows Phone 8 poster is the real deal, and as such this should be taken as rumour for now, so the Nokia and Windows Phone faithful shouldn’t get too excited at the moment until we know more.

Are you a Nokia Windows Phone fan looking forward to the new Windows Phone 8 smartphones from Nokia, if so what do you hope Windows Phone 8 will bring to the mobile game?


2 thoughts on “Windows Phone 8 Nokia marketing poster leaked”

  1. My_Phone_Is_Now_A_Brick says:

    Great timing.

    On the eve of the launch of Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone (Lumia 900), a poster emerges of the next generation of Windows Phones which will run a total rewrite of the operating system, Apollo, and be a totally new platform.

    That leaves very little incentive to even look at today’s Windows Phones.

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