iPhone 4S vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus: Distinct Advantages

When it comes to the iPhone 4S and Samsung Galaxy Nexus — both are market leaders in mobile phones, so it’s no wonder that these two smartphones are constantly compared to one another.

Unfortunately for the Nexus, iPhone essentially invented the modern-day touch-screen smartphone. The first iPhone launched in 2007, and since its presence it has consistently grown — creating no less than a cult following, especially when it comes to upgrading your current phone, however, here’s some advice on which one may prove to be better suited to you.

The main disparity between the two phones is their respective operating systems. The Nexus runs on Google’s Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and the iPhone 4S runs on Apple’s iOS 5. Android is the largest smartphone platform, with iOS coming in at second place; this is despite the late Steve Jobs’ claim that the Android software is a rip-off of iOS.

Android’s integration with Google does make for an easy life. Aside from Gmail, it offers users the Android version of Google Maps, Google Navigation and Google Web. Proof of just how good Google is — it gets around four times the revenue from Apple users through their use of Google Search and Maps than Google handsets.

For those amongst you who are clumsy with phones there is good news, both phones are made of high quality materials (as you would expect). Samsung has a high-grade plastic on the back, and the iPhone has a polished steel frame. The iPhone, however, seems a little more susceptible to cracked screens.

In terms of cameras – the iPhone 4S wins hands down with an 8MP camera to outshine all other smartphones, especially the feeble 5MP of the Nexus camera.

Apple’s App store is regarded as the biggest and best marketplace for apps. Despite also being the longer-standing store, the Android market isn’t falling too far behind. For those looking for a phone with a lot of potential to customise — the Nexus has the clear advantage here. Any Android device offers plenty of flexibility.

The iPhone has the advantage over internal storage space, it has a newer version of Bluetooth and it is narrower in size. The Nexus has more RAM memory, higher screen resolution, faster Internet and more battery power. If the argument looks close, it’s because it is. Both handsets have distinct advantages and great features, all under a sleek appearance. It’s safe to say that neither one will disappoint.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No contest.  As with any computer its software that counts, iOS has more and is way better quality as well as more mature cloud services.

    Just use them both, it becomes pretty clear, pretty quickly.

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