HTC Rezound Android ICS 4.0 waiting game pain

The HTC Rezound was a pretty popular smartphone when it was released and many owners have been eagerly waiting to get the update to the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Although it was initially thought that the Rezound would be one of the first devices to receive the ICS update it seems the waiting game pain goes on.

Way back in November we told how the Galaxy Nexus would be the first smartphone launched running ICS but even back then HTC announced on its Facebook page that the Rezound would be in the ‘first wave’ of its devices to get the update. Although HTC was cautious when giving an actual time frame they did say it would be in early 2012 along with other devices receiving the update.

Further to that in February, HTC announced its ICS plans again via Google+ and again the HTC Rezound was included in the list. Following that, last month Verizon issued a list of 14 of its devices that would be receiving the ICS update but again didn’t include specific times, understandable as the upgrades are really dependent on the manufacturers. Again though the HTC Rezound was included on the list, teasing Rezound owners once more that they would soon receive the joys of Ice Cream Sandwich.

However the ICS wait still goes on and Mobile Burn also tells how recent leaks from Best Buy also turned out to be a damp squib. Last week a leaked Best Buy internal document apparently showed that the Android 4.0 ICS update would be released for the Motorola Droid Razr Maxx on April 4 followed by the HTC Rezound 4G on Verizon on April 6. First off the update failed to materialize for the Droid Razr Maxx but many were still hopeful that on April 6 the ICS update would arrive for the Rezound. However, sadly this was not the case and still no word.

Verizon has posted no further news on the update on its website as it usually would and also it doesn’t appear that any Rezound owners have yet received a notification about the update and so things are not looking too promising for an imminent ICS release. We have a feeling that many Rezound owners will be pretty frustrated that they are still waiting so if you’re one of them we’ve embedded a video below this story that shows some of what you can expect to see from Ice Cream Sandwich.

Are you a Rezound owner and if so are you fed up waiting for your ICS update? Do you wish that HTC would just announce an official date and stick with it, even if the release is longer away than you would like? Let us know with your comments.


23 thoughts on “HTC Rezound Android ICS 4.0 waiting game pain”

  1. Rageboardr says:

    I’m so close to just rooting the phone. ICS roms have been out for so long, and it seems so easy. I would prefer to have it stock, but if it takes much longer, i’m rooting for sure. Come on HTC, release it already. “ICS ready” indeed.

  2. Dan says:

    The leaked OEM of ICS is extremely stable if not the actual release candidate. It’s that polished. I’ve been running it for a week now. It’s awesome!

    1. Rageboardr says:

      Have you had any battery issues, or radio issues? Those are the problems i hear referenced most often?  Where did you get the OEM ICS?

      1. Rageboardr says:

        The other reason i am holding out is because from what i understand flashing any of the rom’s will wipe the data from your phone, and i have a number of games, that i don’t want to loose my achievements. I assume that the OEM ICS ROM will do the same?

    2. guest says:

      How do you find the oem to do it?  I’m looking online and cant find the manual way to root it!  Also, when the update comes out, will it be rejected because the phone already has it?  Thank you so much!

  3. MOSO says:

    would love to know at least when so we can stop blindly waiting. The anticipation wouldnt be so great if we werent told that it would be out already.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think is HTC who’s the problem here. I believe VZW is the cause for the hold up… Not that HTC is faultless just that I believe the holdup is VZW BBC of their bloatware & the way they are widely rumored to purposefully sit on updates for the last possible second. I’ve yet to have a device that is updated on VZW when it’s in the first year of the device is always either right at a year old out into the time for another upgrade. I think VZW dies this in purpose bcoz greed is they’re game. Why update a device that will make puerile less apt to upgrade their device when the time comes than holding onto the update until the no longer new OS is old & outdated & the new OS is coming & much more appealing? People finally get frustrated & either pay the early upgrade fees or get so angry they pay the early termination fees. So hood the update add long as humanly possible until people upgrade or until they start seeing people canceling left & right. Then it’s like oh hey Great News the OTA is coming out! So what its outdated now & the new OS is coming now. HTC is at fault for claiming that the Rezound was ICS ready & would be released early 2012 & hear it is not a peep other than coming soon. Instead of coming on this date. My Eris took forever my Droid Incredible took too long as well &I predict my Rezound well suffer a similar fate. Price me wrong VZW & HTC. Make me eat crow or a bug slice of humble pie.

  5. Musicladyd says:

    YES. I bought the Rezound specifically because it was one of the phones promised to get the first wave of 4.0 updates, and yet I wait…..I defend Android phones to iPhone lovers on a daily basis, and crap like this makes me wonder why. Quit making a fool out of me, Android!

    1. anonymouse says:

      it’s not google, or android, but HTC that’s taking it’s sweet time. i’ve got the razr, so motorola is the same way, we all feel the pain

  6. Pixelina says:

    SUPER annoyed at having to wait when a co-worker whose phone is OLDER than mine AND on AT&T has already received his update. Get with it Verizon! I could get uber nerdy and root my phone but I don’t want to have to do that. Oh and give us the option to REMOVE those stupid apps you FORCE us to have! It’s taking up precious space that I can use for other things!

  7. Balzak1 says:

    Since there are many that have been using the leaked ICS for some time – and many with no issues at all, it tells me it’s a marketing issue as to why ICS has not been released.  I would think they are trying to sell more of the current line of phones with a higher price tag with ICS already installed first as the price of the Rezound drops.   They just don’t know when they will release the update as the market dictates when that will be.  This is just my thoughts.

  8. Dino213aa says:

    I had to root my Rezound in order to rip out Verizon’s crap. It would figure this is all their fault. Ultimately I blame any user who actually touches that bloat ware crap and gives Verizon any reason to push it on the rest of us.

  9. Martin says:

    It is kind of frustrating to be waiting this long, but us rezound users can keep our heads up because the update will come without a doubt. For now, we can just deal with gingerbread, and use its many perks that we so quickly forget about when something new comes along. It WILL happen, just be patient. As for you HTC I reckon it would be a good idea to get moving with the update because not everyone is as patient as I am.

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