Missing HD for Notion Ink Adam 2 Tablet

It’s fair to say that the Notion Ink’s original Adam tablet was widely hyped but failed to live up to expectations. However the philosophy behind Notion Ink was highly popular and the company soon set to work on a successor, the Notion Ink Adam 2. News today though is that the Notion Ink Adam 2 will now be missing its expected HD display.

Back in January we told how Notion Ink was partnering with Texas Instruments on the Adam 2 tablet. Although it was still early days we heard that the Adam 2 would have OMAP44xx processors as well as Texas Instruments Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers and Wi-Link 7.0 and the new tablet would run on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Although we still don’t know much more about what else the Adam 2 will consist of we do know one thing it won’t have and that is an HD screen.

An Engadget report, sourced from Notion Ink’s Adam 2 Blog, tells how the compromises that would enable an HD screen could not be justified. Notion Ink founder, Rohan Shravan, described how the company could use a 10-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1200 but that this would make too much of a demand on battery life and increase charging time as well as increasing the weight and size of the tablet.

Although an HD screen is still desirable then, until a battery that can deal with the power needed without making it bigger is available then an HD display seems to be a no go and it’s more likely that the Adam 2 display will have a resolution of 1280×800. We’d like to know what you think about this. Do you think that Notion Ink is right not to compromise on other aspects of the Adam 2 to accommodate an HD display? Why not let us know.


2 thoughts on “Missing HD for Notion Ink Adam 2 Tablet”

  1. Peter Gowdy says:

    As one of the first owners of the Notion Ink Adam 1 for over a year now, I’ve been struggling to get it to working condition, having installed most of the ROMs, including Gingerbread, Honeycomb, and now Ice Cream Sandwich. It has been somewhat usable for certain functions, but really it has never worked very well. We’re always waiting for a new ROM from the developers. I bought my wife an iPad 2 for Christmas, and my own jealousy soon appeared. So I bought a new iPad when it came out, and I will likely never go back to the Adam 1. I hope to sell it once a working ICS ROM is released.
    The display on the new iPad is a thing of beauty. It definitely sets the new standard in tablet screens. If Notion Ink thinks that it would be too high a cost to have the Adam 2 have an HD display, I can understand their perspective, but this I think will be the end of Notion Ink. The new standard for display resolution has been set by Apple, and companies that wish to compete with them better compete on the display. Apple was able to manage battery issues on the new iPad; Notion Ink had better figure out a way to do this as well.

  2. Guest says:

    I was all hyped up to buy the Adam, but not so much any more. I’m anti apple. All their stuff is proprietary. Not having an HD screen is suicide for Notion Ink. I dont care what their justification is. But in this day and age? thats just crazy

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