Possible HTC One X design flaw found

Currently the most wanted smartphone on the Android platform is arguably the HTC One X, at least until the Samsung Galaxy S3 is released. Unfortunately there are times when a new piece of tech becomes available design issues can emerge, even the mighty Apple are not immune to problems as was seen with the launch of the iPhone 4 and antennagate. We now have news of a possible design flaw being found with the HTC One X.

The guys over at Cnet noticed a problem on their review handset that may be only a problem that will be found on the demo devices, but is worrying all the same. When testing the HTC One X it was found that pushing the edges of the curved screen causes the display to flex, which in turn causes patches of discoloured pixels to track your finger movements that can be seen in the video below.

It was also found that it was possible to mistakenly activate something on the screen by gripping the handsets sides tightly. The problem has been noticed on four different HTC One X devices with three of them being supplied by the company, and one by mobile carrier Three.

Daniel Hundt of HTCs design consultancy, One & Co, was asked about the problem who replied “I was not aware of that maybe this is not a shipping build, we would never let that ship”. Even though none of the handsets in question came in the final retail packaging, a spokesperson for HTC said previously that the handset samples were the final hardware build.

Currently HTC has not clarified whether this problem is only affecting demo versions of the HTC One X or if it is a wider problem. If retail versions of the device are affected it will soon come to light with disgruntled owners returning their device for a refund. Have you got the HTC One X and noticed this problem? Will this delay you purchasing one?


11 thoughts on “Possible HTC One X design flaw found”

  1. John Hackney says:

    I have had my HTC One X since 5th April with no problems at all . I have tried to simulate the screen flexing problem and failed. It’s the best screen on any mobile phone I have owned. If you press hard enough on any LCD screen you can produce the effect. Try pressing your laptop or TV screen screen

    1. Craiglemon1 says:

      Me too… I did just put mine onto the white messaging screen and if I pushed hard enough, I could replicate the effect. Only really noticable for me on white screens though. However unless you are being a complete gorilla with the phone, and have a grip like superman, I can’t see it ever being an issue. I certainly don’t have an issue with it. I even sold my month old Galaxy Note to get it… Best thing I ever did. Amazing phone.

      1. Stephen says:

        I understand that it is a LCD screen, however if I push the screen in the middle (which should be weaker than the sides) that should do the same thing as pushing the edge of the screen.  Pushing the edges of the screen for me distorts the pixels, and this distortion goes all the way up one side.  Sounds like the glass is too tight on the screen

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is a fairly daft story, I have a One X and yes, if you press hard enough it does this, but isn’t this to do with the technology of LCD? What next? When I throw my One X at the floor, it smashes!!! Daft.

  3. Lawrence says:

    this happened on my old phone… it isn’t a design flaw in the slightest.. like the other comments said, this will happen on any lcd screen??? seriously lol….

  4. Themooncat says:

    OMG strangely enough I don’t sit pressing the edges of my phone in this manner on a regular basis as its STUPID but I tried it on my One X and it doesnt do it but if it did so what its LCD its what they can do if pressed hard enough. “Doctor everytime I put my hand above my head it hurts” doctors reply “Dont put you hand above your head then moron”.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Has anyone else noticed how CNET are the only ones to have noticed It? This is the same company that ‘reviewed’ the One X and complained about the battery life, then in the same sentance, admitted that they hadn’t even gone through a full charge/discharge cycle. Even my iPod’s instructions says with battery life you don’t get full capacity fo at least a couple of cycles.

    They also compared its £500 price tag saying you can get an iPad for less then that, great observation, would be better had the reviewer noticed the iPad is also in a different market segment (or they admitting the iPad is nothing more then an over grown iPhone?). Not only that the new iPad starts at £499 with the 3G radio etc. So you couldn’t get it cheaper (if you wanted to be padantic). So why not compare it to the iPhone? Maybe it wasn’t as the 32GB iPhone is £599 and considering they are accusing the One X of being wallet smashing…

  6. My One X screen smashed a from a tiny drop whilst on charge and 3 hours before had a massive freeze. This is a 3 day old device. The 3 days were the best of my life but I forsee major screen smashing issues across the whole range.

  7. Ngutp says:

    I bought 2 units of HTC One X on 14th & 18th April,2012 in Malaysia. Both have LCD problem one the very first day of use. When in camera mode, the screen flicker with color wave lines from top to bottom on the left. At times, the lines even cover the entire screen. This happens also when loading web pages where the lines appear on the top left corner.
    Is it a hardware or software problem ?

    1. Dcangre says:

      I have the same problem. the screen tears up when I’m browsing.like a line with white. noise. the browser is also bad. its very hard to zoom. and when you do. it snaps and zooms in on a completely different area. I love this phone so much, but in not.paying somuch for screen tearing,bad batterylife,weak screen engendering, and unworkable browsers.

  8. Daniel says:

    in my way home after work, i noticed a sepia discoloration on the screen just below the htc logo. it’s about as long as the logo itself, and about half as high. when i press hard on the logo, the discoloration disappears, but slowly comes back after releasing the pressure. my hox is just around 6 months with me, and it has never been dropped. I’m yet to know how well (or horrible their customer support is) :l

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