AOKP custom ROM takes you to heaven

If you are one of the Android faithful out there that loves tinkering with their device when it comes to custom ROMs, we have a bit of a video treat for those that might be interested in checking out the Android Open Kang Project (AOPK) custom ROM that delivers an abundance of cool features to your Android smartphone.

There are two AOKP videos for your viewing consideration below courtesy of the guys over at Pocket Now, an in-depth look at the AOKP ROM on the GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus that lasts just over 38-minutes, or if you don’t have that time to spare, the second video is a highlight look at AOKP, which lasts just over 6-minutes.

In the detailed long version the guys have tried to cover every feature of the AOKP custom ROM build 31, whilst the shorter video focuses on the ability to customise the navigation bar with custom applications and toggles in the notifications shade.

The ROM is still somewhat buggy, but brings many features to the table such as the ability to have five buttons in the navigation bar rather than three, and the extra two can be changed to whatever icon you desire, in fact you can customise any of the buttons in the navigation bar.

Anyway, as the feature list in the AOKP ROM is somewhat lengthy, hence the detailed video, I’m sure you don;t want me to write them all out here, as you’d much prefer to head on down and hit the play button to check out the footage to see for yourself, so get on to it and enjoy.

And for the Android faithful out there that would like to give the AOKP ROM a whirl, you can download build 31 by hitting up Here, and if you do feel free to let us know how you get on.

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