Odds of Verizon getting Samsung Galaxy S3

At long last many people received the news they were waiting for yesterday as we learned the Samsung Galaxy S3 (S III) will be unveiled at an official Samsung event on May 3 in London. The invitations promise we’ll meet the next Galaxy S and there seems no doubt that this is the long-awaited Galaxy S3. Now it seems closer to arriving it has got us thinking about the odds on whether Verizon will carry the new Galaxy S3.

Last year there was major disappointment for many US customers waiting to get their hands on the Galaxy S2 when Verizon passed on the chance to carry it, opting to carry the Galaxy Nexus when it arrived instead. Many Verizon customers felt a sense of major letdown as the Galaxy S3 had been hyped for so long and variants became available on all of the other major carriers, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile. Verizon had previously been the last major carrier to offer the original Galaxy S so maybe in retrospect the signs were there that the Big Red might not bother with the S2 as well.

It seems to us though that it would be a major mistake if Verizon doesn’t carry the upcoming Galaxy S smartphone this time around. We’ve rarely known as much excitement and interest in a new smartphone, apart from the publicity that surrounds the new iPhone every year. We imagine there are many Verizon subscribers who are eagerly waiting to see if the Galaxy S3 will be available to them and can’t think of a good reason for Verizon not to carry it.

Another hugely hyped handset, the HTC One X, has also not been announced for Verizon so customers may already feel they’ve missed an opportunity for that handset. To miss out on the chance for the Galaxy S3 too could well be enough to start making some Verizon customers jump ship to another of the major carriers and we’re not sure Verizon would want to risk that. However, the giant carrier may not have even realized the significance of missing the next Galaxy S iteration.

If AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile all carry the Galaxy S3, Verizon will need to have something special up its sleeve. Although there are some very decent smartphones in the pipeline we wonder if Verizon already has something hidden away if indeed the carrier doesn’t opt for the Galaxy S3. Although of course Verizon will carry the iPhone 5 it will need to have an Android blockbuster as well to satisfy the needs of customers so it’s pretty intriguing to wonder what else may be coming. One thing for sure is that we’ll be closely following developments over the next few weeks to bring you further carrier details.

We’ve posted many times now on what’s expected for the Galaxy S3 and more so check our some of our previous articles here for more details. We’d like to hear from you with your thoughts about a Verizon Galaxy S3. Are you a Verizon customer hoping that it will carry the S3 and do you think Verizon will be making a big mistake if it doesn’t? Maybe you’ve already decided that if Verizon doesn’t offer the next Galaxy S3 Android smartphone you’ll jump ship to a carrier that does? Alternatively you might decide to simply opt for the iPhone 5 instead? Let us know with your comments.


43 thoughts on “Odds of Verizon getting Samsung Galaxy S3”

  1. Khengsiong Chew says:

    Just my thought: If the carriers cut subsidies, and everyone buys unlocked units, then you don’t need to worry whether Verizon will carry S3, LOL…

    1. Sanjay says:

       you can not use unlock phone on verizon they use cdma network mostly all unlock phones are gsm network. its good for At&t and T-mobile people. verizon use sim card but there sim card only work on the there verizon phone not any gsm unlocked phone.

      1. Ronf57 says:

        you are not exactly correct.
        cdma is used in some other countries that don’t have verizon.
        also GSM doesn’t guarantee a phone working in all countries either.
        Look at the lawsuit for false advertising that australia filed against apple for its’ 4g iPad3 not working there.
        The issue is network frequencies supported and some verizon phones ARE world compatible with a sim card for those networks. again, the issue is does the phone have the radio inside that works with the frequencies for the network you want to connect to.

  2. christopher evensen says:

    DroidX user on release here. Contract is up and Verizon has *nothing* interesting. The GNexus was out-dated when it released. The moto lineup is now stale and unappealing. The HTC OneX isn’t coming. The Galaxy S2 isn’t available. Not buying an Iphone. If Verizon doesn’t announce something earth-shattering by May 7th (The pre-order date for Sprint’s OneX), I will no longer be a Verizon customer. I am willing to lose my Verizon coverage and grand-fathered unlimited data because of this. Hope you’re listening Verizon. 

    1. Gundar says:

       Agree with this comment – word for word! Been with Verizon for 11 years and am ready to give up unlimited data because of horrible phone selection. ARE YOU LISTENING VERIZON???

  3. Spadez666 says:

    My contract has been up for a few months and have been waiting for something new and substantiallybetter so if the Galaxy s3 goes to another carrier i will probably jump ship if verizon does get this major upgrade…

  4. MorpheousRx says:

    Been a verizon customer for 12 years…They have continually shown smugness at whatever their customer base wants and continue to shove down our collective throats, the mediocre phones a dollar higher and a day later than other carriers.  Ciao Verizon!!!

  5. John Justice says:

    I am also a long time Verizon customer who has grown tired of being last or left out when other companies are doing everything to what is right for their customer.  My daughter is graduating and going to college and this is the phone she wants and after refiewing all the spec and reviews of the S II, I will get the S II not only for her, but for me as well.  Meaning I will have to jump ship and do what verizon has constantly been lacking in doing and that is keeping their long time customer happy.

    many may disagree, but this is how I feel.

  6. john gould says:

    I have been hanging on to my Droid X even after shattering the screen when I accidentally dropped it, although I have thought of smashing it on purpose. I am waiting with wallet open to purchase the Galaxy S3 and if Verizon doesn’t pick this one up then goodbye Big Red.

  7. Sasquatch says:

    I am a verizon customer and have been for years. My contract was up in Feb. I am waiting on any decent Samsung Product- Nexus didn’t have everything I was looking for.  I really am hoping Verizon doesn’t ignore the need to put a high power Samsung phone in my hands, because I am willing to wait until the May Launch.  But I must say that I live in a major metro area and am not worried about not getting 4G service, so Verizon can take its focus of 4G LTE coverage and shove it and AT&T, Sprint, Hell.. Metro PCS here I come.

  8. Makaveli_e34 says:

    It would be a travesty if BIG RED doesn’t carry the S3. I would consider leaving verizon. It’s bad enough that they are very expensive for their calling plans to begin with. the galaxy nexus was ok. but i wasn’t happy with it. it felt very cheap!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous says:

       That’s kind of rash decision, no? Not every carrier is going to carry every phone. You just got to deal with it.  You’ll go to, say, AT&T, and then what are you going to do when VZW or Sprint gets a phone that AT&T doesn’t carry? Leave again? 

      Quit being a cry baby.

      1. Gerry says:

        Verizon repeatedly skips out on the best phones from brands other than Moto. The GSII, the One X, Note (might come later on as the Journal, but still very late) and maybe the GSIII. They need to end the love affair with Moto and get with the program. We need options. Currently AT&T has the best options IMO, they have for a while now.

  9. Angelo Frazier says:

    I’m jumping ship if they don’t get it. I don’t care what the iPhone looks like. It’s the principle. I want the best options.

  10. Nuport says:

    No reason NOT to jump, at least for me.  I left Big Red for ATT when I wanted iPhone, then came back for Droid X.  Now if they do not get Galaxy S3, why not go back to ATT?  I like V service better, but I have been out of contract lock for several months now and although prefer V, will go where I need to go to get a great Android smartphone

  11. Tomjp says:

    My contract expires next month and I’m hoping  Verizon either gets the S3 or an upgraded Galaxy Note say with a quad core processor? Yes I know its too big for many users but for me that would be the perfect device. I would not want to go to another carrier because of V’s 4G coverage and speed but I will if they don’t do something to keep up.

  12. Sky says:

    I can think of a reason..Being grandfathered on an infinite data plan which is pretty cheap in comparison to what i could be paying…If they pass this up I will be seriously disappointed.  I’m tired of buying motorola phones which always lead to disappointment. 

  13. Sikest26 says:

    They better carry it..I love Samsung! Im tired my motorola and kinda dislike my wife’s iphone4..I’ve been waiting for the S3 to come out for a while ..I love the android market to much..

    1. Ronf57 says:

      yeah where is it.
      I have been waiting since september for the phone i will live with for two years.
      each time some issue holds me back long enough to wait for next thing.
      razr-battery life, gnexus-battery and sound, so i wait for note—??? now htc one or samsung s3—?? original droid is a dinosaur with a broken leg but i wait.

    2. Give Me Note says:

      ME ME ME!!! I’m waiting for the note aka journal?? Any updates would be greatly appreciated as i think ive read through every single forum and article on the web 🙁

  14. Azara David says:

    I currently own an htx thunderbolt and cant wait for this phone to come out! The samsung galaxy s3 has the best screen I have ever seen on a phone!  I hope it comes to Verizon because I dropped my thunderbolt and the screen is seriously messed up. I am trying to make the thunderbolt last till the samsung galaxy s3 is released! 

    Dear Samsung

    Please release samsung galaxy s3 ASAP

    Dear Verizon

    Please grab samsung galaxy s3 as a phone for your line up ASAP!


    Eager Customer

  15. Paul says:

    Verizon better take it’s arrogance and stash it away. If they pass on the Galaxy S III, I will leave to go to another carrier to get this phone.

    1. BL says:

       While I respect your decision to go to another carrier you have to understand that verizon customers are some of the most loyal of any company today.  If everyone did as you did maybe we’d have better wireless providers.  But you have to understand this is little threat to verizon.  I would never jump to another carrier and don’t know anyone on verizon that would.  This is echoed all over the country.  Sadly verizon knows this.  Superior service wins over, even when we are often the last to receive the best devices.

  16. Tk says:

    Verizon will never consider this phone because Verizon already knows you will not change your service for a better device. probably they will say… “Why do we have to carry this phone if we know that you won’t move to AT&T?? If you want to go, just go. And come back.”  

    Well, I moved to AT&T because of Galaxy note, but Verizon is still fine without me. 

  17. Dr Rumor says:

    Silly people, threatening to leave VZW over a phone. Ida ill lose my unlimited data and awesome coverage, duh VZW wants you to do that… They don’t want to give you unlimited data for 30 a month, they want you to come back and pay 30 for 2-4 gigs. S3 will be amazing, but if you didn’t leave when the S2 didn’t come to VZW your probably not gonna leave now. /cry

  18. Vzx_41 says:

    I will close my unlimited data plan if Verizon does not get this phone and i am not joking. I have wifi so I really don’t care about unlimited data. I am responsible enough to not download crap unless I am in a wifi zone anyway. So for me Samsung will lose out on almost 500 a month off all my phones in my family plan. So yea if they don’t get it im out of verizon

    1. Vzx_41 says:

       on that note I did talk to a higher up manager that said Verizon made a mistake not getting the S2 and I am sure they have learned from that mistake and don’t want it happening again. Plus Samsung really pushed bringing LTE to their processor for a reason.

  19. Ddj says:

    If verizon doesn’t get the galaxy s3 I’m leaving, and going to strait talk or some other provider that costs half as much per month.

    I have the x2 now, and I’m not interested in the gnex or iphone.

    I want the galaxy s3, but would get the note instead… Verizon better carry the S3 or many folks will leave them… Att currently has the one x, and note… I would like either of those over the gnex…

  20. Maestrocaldwell3 says:

    Verizon has been talking about pushing Windows Phones as hard as android. WHAT!?! Morons. Give us what we want; not what you think we should have. Carry the S3 and keep customers. Drop the S3 and push WP8 and get laughed at by your ex-customers. 

  21. rtkljtihty says:

    Honestly, verizon already made a big mistake on not carrying the s2. We costumers doesnt only want a great servise but we also want the best phones out there! If they dont carry the s3 that is a big dissapointment. Im sure a lot of people are waiting for the s3 and are hoping it would come to Verizon. if not, verizon should expect a lot of costumers leaving.

  22. Sonny says:

    verizon needs to get the Galaxy S3. i am frankly tired of Motorola and the numerous mediocre phones that Verizon keeps releasing on a monthly basis. If verizon doesnt get the S3, i will be moving my 3 lines to AT&T.

  23. Sean says:

    unfortunately Verizon is one of the only decent providers in my area the razr line is over extended like that damnable iPhone series (I hate Apple) but HTC managed to disappoint me with the incredible to LG …. No so Samsung seems the best choice i want the S3

  24. JG says:

    Have been a loyal Motorola user, but with age comes the need for larger buttons.  Can’t beat the screen clarity. Also on Samsung like the position for the charger to plug in bottom center rather than on side.  Wish Motorola would change back screen color; that would sway me back probably. Hopefully the size of S3 or Journal will be manageable

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