Hack Run app and walkthrough videos 1 to 52

If you are a gamer on the iOS platform that enjoys hacking into myserious organisations to dicover their secrets, there is a game avalable called Hack Run that uses old school command prompts to simulate a real OS and you need to learn each system to get through your adventure.

The Hack Run app for iPhone and Apple iPad lets the gamer hack into a system to find out about the people working there and the organisation itself, whereby the gamer will need to read emails and files to locate clues and work out riddles in order to gain access to more accounts.

With the Hack Run app for iOS devices data located on their systems will enable the gamer to learn about an organisation’s motives and just how dark that organisations plans are, as well as finding out any dirt on the employees in the organisation.

Hack Run for iOS has over 50 levels, and hacking into accounts to discover key info increased skill level and enables the gamer to move ever closer to the final achievement.

There are two versions of Hack Run for iOS available, a free version available from iTunes that doesn’t feature all the levels, whilst the paid version costing $0.99 does feature all 50 levels.

And if you have been playing Hack Run for a while, and think you could do with a walkthrough of all the levels of Hack Run for iOS, we have a collection of Hack Run walkthrough videos for your viewing pleasure below courteys of iPodtouchacker, from level one all the way up to level 52, so head on down and hit those play buttons to check out the footage…enjoy.


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