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Smartphones are very expensive and should be cherished; there are many products to protect your much-loved handset such as cases, skins, covers etc, but what about security against hackers and thieves? This is where the free Avast antivirus security app comes into play for Android users, this application comes highly recommended by current users, and they suggest this is one of the best mobile security apps to date.

Avast comes fully featured with anti-theft and anti-virus security for your Android phone, if you have a rooted handset and wish to protect your data with infected-URL alerts and virus scans, and wish to keep at bay those dreaded hackers, the this is the one app you should install right now. It comes with the ability to control anti-theft features with remote SMS commands for: siren activation, history wipe, phone lock, GPS tracking, audio monitoring and much more.

The bit we love the most is the fact the app hides itself; this invisibility makes it very hard indeed for potential thieves to find and disable it. The antivirus side of things is impressive and will scan all apps and the memory card content, it comes with features so that you can schedule scans, get virus definition updates, other settings include deleting files, uninstalling apps and reporting a false-positive to their virus lab.

Contains something called ‘App Manager’ that is similar to that of Windows Task Manager, it will show all the running apps in a list and what size each of them are, this feature also has used memory, CPU load, as well as services and threads.

Avast allows you too filter messages and calls or both from contact list using set parameters based on day(s) of the week, start time, and end time, it can also block outgoing calls.

Other Main Features Include: Web Shield that scans each URL that loads, and in return will warn you of malware infection. Firewall is added to keep hackers at bay (Rooted phones only). Also comes with App Disguiser, Stealth Mode, Self-Protection, Battery Save, SIM-Card-Change Notification, Trusted SIM Cards List, plus Remote Settings Change, Remote Features and much more.

Recent Update (April 10, 2012) Included: Scan of the SD card that starts straight away, Japanese & Dutch language, Offer blocking of messages from numbers not in contact list, Option to keep the CPU running while scanning significantly increasing the scanning speed, Fixed lock screen priority, FAQ, user guide download, Enhanced password dialog, Warn incompatible SMS tools, Improved UPDATE.ZIP generation, Fix SIM-less, CDMA device issues and Multiple bug fixes.

If you do not have Avast Mobile Security, please head on over to Google Play and install it now for free. If you do have this app installed already please do send in your personal reviews. Please watch the video provided below, see what you think.


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  1. Edsevenau says:

    I have a MyTouch 4G Android phone, I just downloaded Avast mobile and I chose to root my phone to get all control over it but when I try to activate the firewall it tells me it can’t if you phone is already rooted check to see if your permissions will allow the SU for the firewall but don’t tell you how to do it? It also tells me, my wireless is 3G and my phone is 4G? Is this program changing my phone to 3G from 4G? How do I allow my firewall. my phone is already rooted but can’t run firewall

  2. I’m very happy to say Antivirus software about “Free Avast antivirus security for android” for me. Right protected you’ve included of the range of advanced security options – parental controls, link scanners & identity protection and etc it’s great Paid Versions. I’m vary satisfied for your information, I’ll change my services computers and others, And I’ll back soon again when provide new information. Thanks !

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