Fragile Earth photography app shows dramatic changes

The various types of smartphone applications that are available to users of popular platforms cover many subjects and tasks, and can be educational or just simply keep you up with what’s happening around the world that we live in. Today we have news of an application that has only just been released that provides imagery of the delicate world we inhabit.

Fragile Earth is available for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad and is basically a stunning photography app that provides users of a bird’s eye view of how climate change is affecting the world. Images show how urbanization and Mother Nature’s raw power where rivers flood and dry up, glaciers melt, cities creep outward, and mountains erupt.

Users will find some of the best environmental images ever taken that show before and after scenes from around the world. Detailed ecological photographs from around the world make Fragile Earth one of the best applications of its kind available.

By making a simple swipe action with your finger tips users can see years pass by, for instance see how Dubai has changed from a small city to the massive metropolis that has evolved over the past ten years, and how the famous Warming Island got its name since 1985.

Users who download the application can see the world change in front of their eyes, and it provides them with thought provoking images of the planet that show it in all of its beauty and vulnerability. The images in the app can be viewed by country or region, category, and date with users also having the option of sharing images via email, Facebook, and Twitter.

Below you can see a video demo of the application that is available from the App Store priced at £1.99.

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